As a Speaker, Author or Mentor, one of the most challenging aspects of growing your practice is not getting the traction you want and not being visible as an expert in your field.  Momentum and Presence can be massive hurdles to being seen as an Influencer.

The challenge can be that you have bold visions for the future of your brand but you don’t know how to get there.  Fully self-expressed brands are forward thinking.

Successful Influencers leverage what makes them different to everyone else, but it can be difficult to pinpoint ways that you are different which you also feel confident to leverage as part of your brand.

You feel like you have so much to offer the world, but you’re struggling to communicate that value to your ideal client.

Ultimately you want to come across as trustworthy and genuine, but if you come across as too confident, then you might feel like a ‘fraud’ and your clients might not resonate with you.

Benefit from a powerful blend of Psychology, Business Mentoring and Photography.

The aim is to level up your positioning, create ways to attract your dream clients and grow your business.

The intention is to increase your confidence, and align your presence and influence with your personal brand.

This Transformation Experience is ideal for:

  • Experts
  • Speakers
  • Authors
  • Mentors
  • Innovative Entrepreneurs
  • Multipotentialites

The Influencer Transformation Journey

The Drifter:  A huge disconnection between your actions and your goals. You have no idea what you want to do and how you want to do it. Weighed down by obligations and day-to-day monotony.

The Hobbiest:  You are avoiding the basics of a business. You are committing to lots of random ‘jobs’ and your fees barely cover the cost of doing the work. To raise your revenue growth and positioning, you’ll have to make some firm choices from here on in.

The Seeker: There is a lot of frustration around what to focus on first to grow your business properly. You’re starting to trust your intuition. Uplevel your positioning and revenue by focusing on your future business vision. Resist the temptation of ‘shiny object’ workshops and training, that will just keep you distracted from your own intuition and action.

The Innovator:  With a clear business vision you can dive deep in discovering how to serve your tribe with clear offerings and providing value. You are discovering how to communicate that value clearly and with ease.  Your creativity is beginning to intertwine with your work, and you are making your own mark in the industry and becoming known for your innovative thinking. You now need to trust in yourself, your thoughts, the value you bring, and trust in the sequence of steps towards your business vision. That trust needs to become visible and noticeable to others and your tribe.

The Expert:  There is alignment between your actions, choices, your personal values and those of your business. You are embracing a powerful growth mindset. Your positioning is aligned with your marketing collateral online and offline, within your branding message, your videos and photographs, and the content you are sharing. You need to focus on amplifying the value you provide in as many ways as you can within your business.

The Influencer:  You are leveraging your thought leadership in your field. With strong personal presence, you are sharing innovative value and content with your tribe.  Momentum will step you up onto the global stage and move you into an influential stage of practice.

You will walk away from this program with:

Full clarity of who you are, who you are becoming and how you want to be seen by your ideal client.

Creative visual branding that positions you as an Influencer and leverages your expertise.

Confidence to step out of the shadows and be more visible in a way that fascinates your ideal client.

Feedback on how to raise your profile, attract speaking opportunities and secure features in magazines/media.

A framework to implement your branding strategy with ease.

Marketing collateral that you will ‘grow into’ over the next 12-24 months.

Transformation Model

1. Clarity - in who you are and who you are wanting to grow into; how you want to be seen by your tribe; what you stand for; why what you do matters; a strong brand message; your point of difference as an expert; the emotions and challenges of your ideal client’s journey with you; brand Archetype and how it relates to you as an expert; how to consistently implement your brand message; out of the box ways to stand out

2. Mindset - that will cut through doubts and fears; building resilience to match your bigger business vision; developing a growth mindset; boosting your confidence; improving your level of confidence in how you speak about what you offer as an expert; adjusting your mindset while standing in front of the camera; disrupting old narratives that hold you back

3. Presence - to change how you position yourself online, offline and in person to match your big bold vision; make deliberate choices of how to style your branding message so it is attractive to your tribe; consistent and visible marketing strategies; embrace an air of confidence within yourself that becomes part of your brand presence

Influencer Transformation Programs

For National and International enquiries:

You will need to make a trip to our studio to attend your Intensive Identity Session, and then the Photographic Experience Plus Design Consultation can both be scheduled within a few days of each other.  The other included program components that can be completed via zoom/skype and email.

Personal Branding example for Authors

Here's what J.L. Arrowsmith said about his experience

"Wow. I can’t believe its only been a few months since I first met Louise. So much has happened, so much has changed and so much of that, is a direct result of the catalyst that is Louise. With her guidance, my business is taking off and I feel so content with my direction in this world. It baffles me, that armed with her camera, she is capable of capturing emotion and energy; its just magic. Backed with these AWESOME photos, I have the confidence in my ability to take on the world...and that’s exactly what I’m about to do. This is more than just a few sessions with a photographer...this is change in action; at its best."

J.L.Arrowsmith website

Personal Branding example for Speakers

Here's what Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw said about her experience

"I love working with creative people. And Louise is really creative. She is not a photographer - she is an artist. She has a wonderful talent for seeing what COULD be rather than just what IS. Her work reflects this.  The stunning images she has created for me took me way out of my comfort zone. That is what I loved about working with Louise! My life philosophy is about pushing the boundaries - and Louise so got that. Work with Louise when you are ready to take a giant leap forward through your branding. And just trust her - she knows what she is doing."

Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw website

Personal Branding example for Mentors

Here's what Carissa Rodgers said about her experience

"Working with Louise was like taking a deep dive into yourself. I never knew what I might find. Her work has inspired me to step forth aspects of myself that I usually hide away and for that I’m very grateful . Her ability to capture the different parts of someone’s personality is quite amazing. I’m so happy with all my photos."

Carissa Rodgers Facebook (website being developed)