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Louise has over 13 years previous experience as a Psychologist, working in Universities, Workplace Rehabilitation, Employee Counselling Programs, Correctional Facilities, and for five years in her own thriving Psychological Practice.

Louise has a Bachelor of Education-Bachelor of Psychology (JCU), a Masters of Organisational Psychology (UQ), as well as multiple certifications in Expressive Therapies.

She has conducted research in the field of Burnout and is strongly influenced by Jungian concepts around collective consciousness and how it impacts our identities.

Over the past 11 years, Louise has created a thriving emotive images Photography business, specialising in Business Branding Photography.  She no longer works as a Psychologist.  Louise now concentrates on the intersection between psychology concepts, deep identity work, symbolism, storytelling and business strategy.

For over 20 years Louise’s obsession has been focused on Transformation, Full Self-Expression, Vulnerability & Personal Identity.

As a Personal Branding & Creativity Expert, Louise believes that when we unleash who we truly are from the inside out, we can accomplish our boldest and most successful future visions.

“A leopard cannot change it’s spots”

That phrase has a lot to do with how set in our ways we can be - in our personality, our relationships, the way we communicate, in how we perceive our identity and our value in the world.  For many people, they are convinced that the way they are is the way they always will be.

Louise has developed a range of powerful, intuitive strategies that have helped hundreds of men and women to challenge their internal view of themselves, and to make real and noticeable change in their lives and in their businesses.  She has also created a unique style for photographing men and women, revealing their true uncensored personality, values and what they stand for.

While a leopard still cannot change it’s spots, you are no Leopard!

Louise helps people just like yourself to change their personal narrative.

She dares you to unleash the truth of who you are from the inside out!

I double DARE you to change your ‘spots’!

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