Let me show you what I see!

Playing BIG is unique to everyone.

What I do is quite personal. I help amplify the unique in you.

I personalise my approach and focus to you and your brand.



An ex-psychologist turned photographic storyteller?


Sounds snazzy, hey? But what the heck does that even mean?


Great question you trailblazer, you. I'm glad you asked!


Hi! I am Louise. Photographer. Alchemist. Visual storyteller. "Future You" identity ignitor.

I help multi-hypheners to future proof their brand, through photography, psychology, mindset & strategy!


I ignite multi-talented overachievers to take a giant leap to feeling more, being more and achieving more!

What I do isn't just photography. Nor is it just about coaching.


What is it?


It's an experience. A journey.

A safe space. An unfolding of sorts.

An organic process designed to help you

unmask, unlock and unleash that inner fire within you.


Because that fire? It's already in there. Yearning to be seen.

Waiting to be set ablaze!

My super-power is catapulting multi-hypheners into their 18-month future vision with creativity and confidence.


Multi-hypheners are professionals who have a range of talents, qualifications and experience.

For many, they can procrastinate and get stuck in analysis paralysis, because they aren't confident in how to bring the golden threads together that tie their genius to their personal brand.


I help multi-hypheners to see their unseen.

That...which is alluding them.

The pieces of the puzzle that when brought together, explode their brand and blow their minds!

Got to love a good 'connect the dots', cowabunga moment to boost your confidence!

So choose your adventure!

Dive into one or many!

Go where your heart desires and your aspirations are calling you!



Future You Headshots,

Lifestyle Photographs

for Instagram

& Business Branding



Confidence + Mindset Coaching

and Brand Strategy


your life purpose,

gain clarity &

establish direction

Jason Smith's words about his experience

ALCHEMIST archetype

Wow. I can’t believe it's only been a few months since I first met Louise. So much has happened, so much has changed and so much of that, is a direct result of the catalyst that is Louise.

With her guidance, my business is taking off and I feel so content with my direction in this world. It baffles me, that armed with her camera, she is capable of capturing emotion and energy; its just magic.

Backed with these AWESOME photos, I have the confidence in my ability to take on the world…and that’s exactly what I’m about to do. This is more than just a few sessions with a photographer…this is change in action; at its best.


Jason Smith

Author. Speaker.

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About Louise

A Brand Identity Photographer, Confidence + Mindset Coach & Brand Strategist.

Once a Psychologist in a former life, I now empower emerging & established leaders, multi-hypheners, trailblazers, and kick-ass over-achievers to accelerate their personal brand positioning & dial-up their visibility.

I blend photographic storytelling with identity psychology & archetypes.

Headshots | Personal Brand Photography | Coaching | Team Building | Staff Photos | Workshops

Based in Brisbane, servicing Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth & International clients.

Contact Louise

Phone: 0402 283 219

Email: louise@louise-williams.com.au