Imagine this...


You're 40. And for the past 40 years you've been at a masquerade ball hypnotised by the music. Playing a game of hide and seek with your life. You want to say things and DO things. But you don't. Because you feel hidden. Masked. Invisible. That's exactly how I felt...

I have experienced the highs and lows of visibility + vulnerability! You name it, I've dabbled in it!


I remember back in the 80s/90s in North Queensland during my primary and high school days, having my first taste of invisibility. I attempted to hide from the pain and torment of relentless bullying from my peers. I was ridiculed and shunned, purely for being little 'ole me. I was a typical introvert, preferring my own company by spending every spare moment doing what I loved most - painting and art. I learnt from a very early age, to get busy achieving goals in my studies, and to never show vulnerability. I got really good at hiding the pain. Being a chameleon. There is where I started on the path to over-achieving and proving myself to the world.

Fast forward to 1993 and my first year of studies at James Cook University, in Townsville, studying a Bachelor of Education-Bachelor of Psychology degree. The slate was clean. No-one knew anything about me. I could finally be myself! I broke out of my shell. I wasn't afraid to show all of me. I finally was visible to the world and my peers.


When you unmask yourself and understand your true value, You become bolder, louder and prouder of yourself.


A hop, skip and a jump to 1999 and I was starting my first paid job as a Psychologist... in a maximum-security men's prison in Brisbane, no less! I was as green as an avocado salad and as idealistic as they come! I was going to change the world, don't you know?! Or so I thought... "cue" invisibility mode as I learnt to once again hide myself and my true personality from the prisoners and the prison staff!


My multi-hyphener status grew as I returned to the University of Queensland to study a Masters of Organisational Psychology in 2001. After multiple psychologist roles in research facilities, hospitals, workplace rehabilitation and employee assistance programs, I started my own private psychology practice in Paddington, Brisbane in 2005. It was a lifelong dream of mine! And it felt good! I ticked that box! Finally, I had 'arrived'. Or had I?


[...If you are reading this, then you are most likely a fellow seeker yourself. A seeker of new experiences, new challenges, new ways to lift your game. I get it. I am the same. I'm always looking for the next experience that will be that heart-gasm moment when I feel fulfilled and feel settled. I'm a seeker...]


I hate to say it, but even after achieving that life long dream of my own psychology practice, I was still wanting more...more credibility...more achievement...I felt like I still had to prove myself to the world. What I failed to realise in that moment, was that I was trying to look outward, when in actual fact I was trying to prove my myself! And boy are my own expectation levels HIGH! Especially when it comes to myself!


I understand the pain of being invisible, the fear in being asked to step out of the shadows, and the absolute joy of being fully seen and respected.

Cue the obligatory burnout moment in 2007. I was seeing seven clients a day and four days a week in my practice. I was a busy bee. I searched for an outlet to the high levels of stress. Once again, art became my saving grace and I purchased my first camera. I photographed plants and landscapes...and then babies and couples...and then many weddings! I then became really good at women's glamour and boosting their confidence. As my immersion in photography grew, my level of visibility in myself and my world began to explode. I flourished. I became even more of me and who I am and what I do well.


Nowadays I play with this really interesting and unique mix of photography, storytelling, psychology, mindset and identity. I am the most visible I have ever been. And I know that I am still not yet fully 100% 'out there' with my expression of who I am. Old habits die hard for an introvert like me, especially when visibility has old scars paired with pain and rejection. But I'm taking it in my stride. Owning my awesomeness. Sharing my story so others can find the strength to step up and be fully themselves in this world. I can finally see the parts of my personality that were unseen for so long. They are the parts that make me unique and different. It's my own experiences, both the shadow and the light, that enable me to also see other people's unseen potential.


My superpower is being able to create a safe space for others...

  • so that they are ready, willing and able to let go of their cloak of invisibility,
  • to do away with the desperate need to prove themselves to others,
  • to understand who they truly are beyond any facade,
  • and to be fully self-expressed with no apology!

Want to be a part of my mission to unleash creativity and full self-expression?


I really want to work with people who have so much value to share with the world. They just don't know how to bring all the relevant pieces together in a way that works.


I hope to work with other like-minded multi-hypheners who have so many golden threads that can be interwoven to create epic brand positioning. Even if they cannot 'see' the possibilities just yet.


I want to collaborate with people who are self-motivated and inspired to do things differently.


I invite you to work with me, even if you feel nervous or feel ill-prepared or feel unclear. As long as you feel something, then I can work with that. Emotion can breed life into passion. Passion inspires innovation.


If this sounds like you, or if what I'm talking about resonates with you, then let's chat.


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The UnMasked Highlights about Louise

  • Professional Photographer and Visual StoryTeller for over 12 years
  • Previously a Registered Psychologist for over 13 years
  • Business Owner for over 14 years
  • Co-Author of 3 books
  • Bachelor of Education - Bachelor of Psychology degree (JCU)
  • Masters of Organisational Psychology degree (UQ)
  • Expressive Therapies training and certification


  • Met my now husband on the internet back in 1996, before internet dating got a bit 'creepy'.
  • We have a furbaby Birman, named Melodie, who is 18 years of age. Old enough to vote but still not pulling her weight, living rent free lol.
  • I'm an avid movie buff. I'm known to have watched the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended version no less) over a long weekend - multiple times!
  • I won awards in school for playing the flute and piano. I even studied to grade 4 with piano! But ask me to play the piano for you these days and I'll be looking for the nearest exit! Oh dear! Sorry Mum!
  • It's pretty hard to shock me these days. I've worked in a maximum-security men's prison, and had a chair thrown at me in an Anger Management class! lol
  • My very first paid job was in high school. I was packing rockmelons and catching gigantic watermelons while standing in a massive crate.
  • I have an obsession for pens and stationery. I could literally open up a store for Officeworks, I have so many pens!
  • I have 6 chooks that you will hear and see whenever you come to my home studio. Yes, they each have names, including Marilyn Monroe, Sia and Lady Gaga.

Tracy Churchill's words about her experience

CREATOR archetype

Working with Louise was like nothing I’d ever done before.

Her use of Jungian techniques to bring you into your future self, and then capture that

- was nothing short of incredible.

If you want to catapult yourself into the future, book in. There is no way you could ever regret this.

It feels like I have been cannonballed a whole year ahead towards my goals.

The psychological shifts she brings about by her line of questioning is an inspiring process.

A session with Louise is an investment in yourself. And you are worth it.


Tracy Churchill

Nurse Manager - Logan ED.

It was an absolute pleasure and awesome fun working with an expert in her field of personal branding.

Louise is truly talented at what she does and with her psychology background able to quickly connect with my goals and ambitions and equipped me with the knowledge to succeed.


John Mai

Infrastructure Engineer

John Mai's words about his experience

Jo Hassan's words about her experience

ROMANTIC archetype

I loved my experience from woe to go. I was attracted to the idea of Louise's psychologist background and using those skills to ask pertinent questions, then click the camera at just the right time.


She didn't disappoint.


I am thrilled with the results and can't wait to do it all again one day with some different scenes.


Jo Hassan

Small Business Lifestyle Expert ♥ Speaker ♥ Coach ♥ Author

About Louise

A Brand Identity Photographer, Confidence + Mindset Coach & Brand Strategist.

Once a Psychologist in a former life, I now empower emerging & established leaders, trailblazers, and kick-ass over-achievers to accelerate their personal brand positioning & dial-up their visibility.

I blend photographic storytelling with identity psychology & archetypes.

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Based in Brisbane, while also looking after clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth & International clients.

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