It was January 2010 and I had spent the last five years growing my private practice as a Psychologist in Paddington, Brisbane - a lifelong dream of mine! I had a thriving practice, but something was desperately missing within me, as I was quickly reaching burnout stage.


I felt like I was constantly wearing a “mask”, censoring myself so that I could be 100% in service for my clients.

If you’ve ever felt censored, you know how painful and suffocating that can be.

You become disconnected and invisible.

In 2007 I had taken up a new hobby with Photography, for some creative timeout. It lit me up in so many ways! I eventually realised that I had two competing passions that were both demanding my full attention. Cue a “Sliding Doors” moment, (without Gwyneth Paltrow) where I had to make the choice to either go full time in Photography or keep pushing through my burnout in Psychology.


A choice between full self-expression or honouring a life-long commitment?

In hindsight, the choice is easy, but I wrestled with the decision back then.

How do you let go of nearly two decades of study, work and focus in one direction, and decide to change tact completely?

My personal identity had been intertwined with being a “Psychologist” for over ten years, but it still masked a lot of my personality, my quirks and my creativity. It took some simple, wise words of advice from someone to say to me “Life is too short, pursue what you love and just go for it!” This was exactly what I needed to hear, to follow my heart. I chose full self-expression! A leap of faith. My ‘mask’ was lifted and I finally reconnected to my artistic roots.

I chose not to hide any longer.

I began unfolding who I was, aligning my identity with my truest, most vivid, sense of self. I was learning to BE in the world without any apology for who I was or what I stood for.


I realised that by unmasking myself, I finally could value who I was as a person.

When you unmask yourself and understand your true value,

You become bolder, louder and prouder of yourself.

When I look back at the last 40+ years of my life, I've swung between moments of hiding who I was to moments of full self-expression! Imagine being at a masquerade ball for the past 40 years, hypnotised by the music and forever playing a game of hide and seek with your life and your truest self. As a result, I have a fine tuned radar for recognising when someone else is wearing a “mask”. I have the sensitivity and skill to hold the space for them, and a bucket load of experience in how to motivate them to let down their guard and to be fully visible.

I understand the pain of being invisible,

the fear in being asked to step out of the shadows,

and the absolute joy of being fully seen and respected.

I understand all of it!

Over the years, I have facilitated personal branding transformations for both men and women who have a multi-passionate history of experience. I have created for them “out of the box” visual ways to leverage their intersection of passions, to set them apart from many in their industry. I have witnessed them change in both their visibility in their business positioning, as well as their mindset and how they speak about themselves.


I have also ignited personal transformations for both men and women in the form of glamour, fantasy and positive body/self-image. I have seen the legacy of their relationships change, grow and intensify.


I never grow tired of witnessing the transformation in another at an identity and self-concept level. It changes their micro-expressions - smile, eyes light up, shoulders relax, body tension softens. They literally illuminate from the inside out. The work I love doing and choose to do nowadays is deep and intense, and equally satisfying and life-changing for both myself and my clients.

This is the way that I live a life fully “unmasked”!

Fully Seen

To honour my “unmasked” choice of being and working, I have three criteria that guide who I work with:

1) You need to value the process of transforming your life/business/self-image because the alternative is returning to a life behind your masks and hiding from your dreams and desires. The fear of facing yourself and changing is outweighed by the desire to be 100% visible, valued, and fully self-expressed. Not everyone is willing for this type of change in their lives.

If you are willing to be open, then that is the biggest step of all.


2) Transformation does not happen in a bubble. You must be ready to continue the work we do, into your personal life. I can only take you so far, you must be motivated to step up and participate equally.


3) Trust and surrender are most important. We need to connect well and for you to trust in me to walk you through this process. Transformation is not a clear uninterrupted journey. It can get messy. You will feel challenged at times. You will also feel resistance. It is in those moments that I will need for you to surrender and trust in the process the most.

The UnMasked Highlights about Louise

* Professional Photographer and Visual StoryTeller for over 12 years

* Previously a Registered Psychologist for over 13 years

* Author of the book "Transform: Level Up Your Personal Brand, Attract Dream Clients, Grow Your Business."

* Business Owner for over 14 years

* Co-Author of 3 books


**Bachelor of Education - Bachelor of Psychology degree (JCU)

** Masters of Organisational Psychology degree (UQ)

** Expressive Therapies training and certification

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Working with Louise was like nothing I’d ever done before.
Her use of Jungian techniques to bring you into your future self, and then capture that
- was nothing short of incredible.
If you want to catapult yourself into the future, book in. There is no way you could ever regret this.
It feels like I have been cannonballed a whole year ahead towards my goals.
The psychological shifts she brings about by her line of questioning is an inspiring process.
A session with Louise is an investment in yourself. And you are worth it.
Tracy Churchill
Nurse Manager - Logan ED.
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Wow. I can’t believe it's only been a few months since I first met Louise. So much has happened, so much has changed and so much of that, is a direct result of the catalyst that is Louise.
With her guidance, my business is taking off and I feel so content with my direction in this world. It baffles me, that armed with her camera, she is capable of capturing emotion and energy; its just magic.
Backed with these AWESOME photos, I have the confidence in my ability to take on the world…and that’s exactly what I’m about to do. This is more than just a few sessions with a photographer…this is change in action; at its best.
Jason Smith
Author and Speaker
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Louise is a unique branding firestarter, who has a way of bringing out the success in people.
I would recommend her to anyone really ready to work on “what needs to be expressed” in you and your brand.
Actions aligning with purpose.
With Louise, you know she sees your future self and gets you in present time.
You will be very thankful to have her on your team.
Sonya Wildgrace
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Louise is a photographic artist with exceptional ability to entice us to express more ‘attitude’ in front of the camera.
In 20 years of getting headshots done, Louise’s approach is superior in every way.
Nina Sunday
Conference Speaker | Author | Expert on Leadership and Influence | Workshop Facilitator
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I love working with creative people. Louise is really creative. She is not a photographer - she is an artist.
She has a wonderful talent for seeing what COULD be rather than just what IS. Her work reflects this.
The stunning images she has created for me took me way out of my comfort zone.
That is what I loved about working with Louise! My life philosophy is about pushing the boundaries - and Louise so got that.
Work with Louise when you are ready to take a giant leap forward through your branding.
Just trust her - she knows what she is doing.
Irena Yashin-Shaw
Educator. Author. Speaker. Mentor
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I loved that the process was so different and really uncovered my vision in advance of me living it!! I was able to step into my future self through the branding photos - loved that! I believe it got me where I wanted to be a lot faster.
Michelle O'Hara
Business Marketing and International Speaker
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Louise Williams is far more than a passionate photographer.
She is an alchemist, drawing on almost magical skills and divine guidance to get the best out of her camera with client outcomes that are nothing short of extraordinary. The very best creative artist I’ve ever worked with.
Dixie Carlton
Word Witch & Ghost Writer
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Working with Louise is about more than great photos. Louise drew out what "lit me up!"
The photo shoot was fun. Louise has a way of drawing out the expression that is just right.
She calls it "future you" and I really do feel like I am stepping into the future me with confidence, knowing my look is consistent with my message and it's powerful.
Trish Jenkins
Motivational Speaker and Author
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This is no ordinary photo shoot experience. The investment is worth every cent.
The attention to detail, brand and message is brilliant.
You receive images that keep you relevant for more than 'now'!
Louise ensures your images keep you covered as you drive your message forward.
Sally Foley-Lewis
Productivity Expert. Speaker. Author. Coach
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Working with Louise was like taking a deep dive into yourself.
I never knew what I might find.
Her work has inspired me to step forth aspects of myself that I usually hide away and for that, I’m very grateful.
Her ability to capture the different parts of someone’s personality is quite amazing.
I’m so happy with all my photos.
Carissa Rodgers
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It was an absolute pleasure and awesome fun working with an expert in her field of personal branding.
Louise is truly talented at what she does and with her psychology background able to quickly connect with my goals and ambitions and equipped me with the knowledge to succeed.
John Mai
Infrastructure Engineer
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I loved my experience from woe to go. I was attracted to the idea of Louise's psychologist background and using those skills to ask pertinent questions, then click the camera at just the right time. She didn't disappoint. I am thrilled with the results and can't wait to do it all again one day with some different scenes.
Jo Hassan
Small Business Lifestyle Expert ♥ Speaker ♥ Coach ♥ Author
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My time with Louise was so valuable, not just as an incredible and productive experience, but I felt like I had wonderful mentoring with a friend who really cared about me moving into my passion and purpose.
Louise is a woman who champions other women, she brings fun and professional skill, then backs that with intuitive insight about how to make it better, bigger and more impactful.
She wants to challenge the part of you that wants to hide away.
Her service is a gift to all women creating change with their business x
Helen Glover
Speaker. Author. Coach
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Louise is unlike any other photographer. When you’re ready to step up and dive into the full potential of you, this is the lady that can show you how. The value in what she offers is phenomenal and it has changed how I see myself in my business. Eternal gratitude for this woman.
Amanda Waschevski
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The whole personal branding experience, combined with the mentoring program, felt like an unveiling of sorts together with an ownership and stepping into who I am and where I am going.
The impact on my business is that I now feel I can pour more of "me" into my business with confidence and poise, and that I have visual representations of my message; and of who I am and what I am like to work with.
Louise was able to help me re-build my confidence and ability to transform through significant personal and professional change.
Katrina Johnson
Mentor. Facilitator. Speaker.
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The whole personal branding experience, combined with the mentoring program, felt like an unveiling of sorts together with an ownership and stepping into who I am and where I am going.
The impact on my business is that I now feel I can pour more of "me" into my business with confidence and poise, and that I have visual representations of my message; and of who I am and what I am like to work with.
Louise was able to help me re-build my confidence and ability to transform through significant personal and professional change.
Shelley Giffin
Professional Organiser
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Having my photo and discovery session with Louise Williams has been so exciting and has given me the confidence to get moving with my business. Louise Williams is so very professional yet is able to make you feel so relaxed during the photography session. Her passion and insight into creating media for your business is brilliant. Definitely worth every single cent to get your business successfully up and running. The photographs are absolutely magical.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Louise.
Vicki McClifty
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I absolutely loved working with Louise! She is creative, inventive and has a clarity of vision and a deep capacity to guide her clients to a fuller expression of themselves. It is so much more than a photo shoot. This is about opening up myself and my business into a bigger picture. I am already bringing the heart of my work to life and now I feel that I have so many more possibilities.
Louise Geary
Coach and Speaker
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So happy with the photos I got from Louise.
Also been getting great comments from others who see them.
The whole experience was absolutely fantastic.
I would recommend Louise to anyone who is thinking of great photos taken. You will love it.
Bandana Biswas
Coach and Speaker
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