A Letter to Your Divine Feminine Self

Dear beautiful crazy YOU,

YOU are powerful.

YOU are full of so many creations, waiting to be splashed across the canvas of Your choosing.

YOU must must must appreciate the wonder of You.

YOU have invested so much into Yourself.

It is now time for YOU to claim your life the way it was intended all along, without all of the hurts that YOU have endured.

If YOU couldn’t ever fail and would most definitely always succeed, I know that YOU would be a blazing ball of light casting authentic bold rays of YOU all over this world.

YOU need to fire up……..be the person who YOU were always meant to be.

Cast away the doubts, the self-conscious cloak that hides you away from the world and Your self.

This very moment is Your time to shine and blind everyone with Your magnificent self.

Nourish Your body….Nourish Your skin, Your cells in your blood, Your mind, Your creative brain, Your joints, Your heels, Your hair, Your eyes, Your dreams, Your core desires, Your relationships, and Your sacred spaces.

Make sacred the time YOU give to yourself and others, Your body as a temple to serve YOU, and Your passions.

Invite Flow into Your day, night, and sleep.  Invite Flow into how YOU move your body, how YOU deal with conflict, the rising of creative ideas within YOU, and dealing with moments of discomfort as YOU put Yourself out there!

Wrap security around Your base decisions, Your systems, Your finances, so YOu can step off from this firm knowing space and take the risks You were always meant to reach out and grab with both hands.

Give Yourself permission to thrive and grow in Your body, Your skin, Your brain, Your dreams for financial flow and freedom, Your service to others on your terms, in the love YOU feel at the depths of your soul for Your divine purpose and how YOU will touch the world.


It is only when YOU give space and time for all of these things to unfold will YOU be truly guided with intention and pure joy!

YOU are a majestic soul, full of promise…….YOU now need to stretch out your hand……and walk forward into Your Divine Feminine True Self.

With fierce love…







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