Thursday 9th August, 2018  @ 7-8pm

  • Do you struggle with Imposter Syndrome?
  • Does perfectionism lead you towards procrastination and analysis paralysis?
  • How can you be "too much muchness", too much of who you truly are, so that you inspire those you want to work with and repel those who aren't your ideal clients?
  • When you are faced with resistance or obstacles, how resilient are you to withstand shrinking yourself?
  • What personal narratives do you have around living a much bigger life and business?

No matter how wonderful your service or product is, the mindset of an Influencer is the key to positioning and harnessing your personal power and implementing the clarity of your message. A strong mindset enables you to flow with ease through the inevitable peaks and troughs of business.

Brene Brown said "Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are."

You have a potential to influence change and transformation in your industry and beyond! It’s time to stop hiding!

This webcast is designed to ignite a change in your narrative about your personal potential for influential change. Find out how developing a growth mindset can level up your personal brand, attract dream clients and grow your business!

This is a completely FREE opportunity that I dare you to choose to step into and open yourself up too!

A replay video will be sent to all registrants.