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I'm ready to step up as a Trailblazer!

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Are you ready to unlock your full potential in 2021? Are you ready to level up, say goodbye to mediocre and step into who you were born to be? Are you ready to shake sh*t up, have more impact and fly higher than a bald eagle with a jetpack?


Seeking impact is scary. To level up, you have to be seen.


You have to reveal the real you. You have to pack up your sh*t, leave your comfort zone and start living in a risky place I call ‘Uncomfortown’.


In 2021 it’s time to move on into Uncomfortown and let me help you navigate this terrain and create a legacy that’s bigger than you.


It’s time to embrace your awesomeness. To let the world see your unseen and claim your unicorn status.


Are you ready to accept your call to adventure and take the first step of your new journey?


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I'm ready to step up as a Trailblazer!

* Places are extremely limited due to the personal nature of this training.

About Louise

A Brand Identity Photographer, Confidence + Mindset Coach & Brand Strategist.

Once a Psychologist in a former life, I now empower emerging & established leaders, trailblazers, and kick-ass over-achievers to accelerate their personal brand positioning & dial-up their visibility.

I blend photographic storytelling with identity psychology & archetypes.

Headshots | Personal Brand Photography | Coaching | Team Building | Staff Photos | Workshops

Based in Brisbane, while also looking after clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth & International clients.

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