IGNITE your Iconic Identity, the Vision you have for your future, and amplify the Impact you want to make in the world as a Mover, Shaker or Change Agent

Louise is an engaging speaker who delivers transformative and thought-provoking presentations. She offers a unique blend of storytelling, psychology and emotional connection to create meaningful future focused transformations in mindset for her audiences, during and after her presentations. Louise has a Masters in Organisational Psychology and is highly skilled in adapting to different group dynamics and creating a fun, entertaining experience for participants.


To be seen as a leader, you must have a willingness to choose full transparency and vulnerability! Even risk being disliked, questioned or challenged by others. Full transparency demands a willingness to be expressive and embody all that you stand for. When you aren’t fully self- expressed in your personal brand, others can’t read you properly! They will start to fill in the blanks FOR you! If you want to be a trailblazer you must get creative with how to communicate your story visibly and visually to others! You need to go deeper with your brand positioning. No boring client experiences! Build curiosity and disrupt in ways that are in alignment with your brand message!


With the rate of change society is experiencing, it’s important to be positioned as the FIRST domino to topple over and create impact and innovation. Be known as a pioneer for an idea. Become the trailblazer. ICONIC personal branding can be the foundations for creating a movement of change. In this highly motivating session, participants will learn about the three key foundations of the Domino Effect, to raise their positioning, achieve greater cut through and build a movement of engaged followers. Become a Mover, Shaker or Change Agent!


Workplace teams will need to adapt with the hugely disruptive drivers that are changing the very nature of the future workplace. Leaders will need to foster key skills between team members, including sense making, adaptive thinking and cognitive load management. In this interactive session participants will learn creative and innovative ways to empower team members, enhance their dynamics and make a bigger impact as a whole.

I recently invited Louise to speak at a business networking breakfast I help organise because I had heard her speak about her photography work which is much, much more than that, and I was intrigued.
As our guest speaker, Louise had our undivided attention as she illustrated how she works with clients to help them slowly unfold into their future self in front of her camera, so their images tell that story.
Her previous career as a psychologist, and her understanding of archetypes, potential, presence, influencer branding and more, all come together to make Louise an intriguing event speaker and a magician with her coaching and camera.
Bev Ryan
Book Publishing Services
Louise is one of the most gifted experts I know in the area of identity and creativity. Louise has an incredible ability to connect to someone at the deepest level, to really "see" them and articulate what it is that they may have been struggling to find the words to say.
Her gift in being able to not only help people see their vision but help them to step into it is totally unique and remarkable.
If you're ready to take action and become your future self book in with Louise today.
Jane Anderson CSP
Personal Branding Expert
Definitely feeling fired up after hearing Louise Williams this morning.
What a great way to take personal branding to another level.
Karen Bonanno
Genius School Educator/Leader
It was wonderful to hear Louise speak about how important it is that we discover our uniqueness.
She takes us on a journey of discovering who we are and how to let that uniqueness shine in all of our branding. So that we're communicating with our clients or the people around us, the people we want to engage with, our tribe - who we are, so that we stand out from the crowd.
In a world of beige, we need to be standing out from the crowd.
So on topic at the moment about being authentic, Louise has a great message delivered in a great style. Something so important for all of us to hear and be aware of.
Thanks, Louise. It was fantastic.
Julie Cross CSP
Inspirational Speaker and Author
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About Louise

A Brand Identity Photographer, Confidence + Mindset Coach & Brand Strategist.

Once a Psychologist in a former life, I now empower emerging & established leaders, multi-hypheners, trailblazers, and kick-ass over-achievers to accelerate their personal brand positioning & dial-up their visibility.

I blend photographic storytelling with identity psychology & archetypes.

Headshots | Personal Brand Photography | Coaching | Team Building | Staff Photos | Workshops

Based in Brisbane, servicing Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth & International clients.

Contact Louise

Phone: 0402 283 219

Email: louise@louise-williams.com.au