Louise Williams, has over 14 years experience in small business and over 15 years previously as a Psychologist.

She is an engaging speaker who delivers transformative and thought-provoking presentations. She offers a unique blend of storytelling, psychology and emotional connection to create meaningful future focused transformations in mindset for her audiences, during and after her presentations.

Louise has a Masters in Organisational Psychology and is highly skilled in adapting to different group dynamics and creating a level of Psychological Safety within a room.

Louise has a new book available on pre-sale, titled ‘TRANSFORM: Level Up Your Personal Brand, Attract Dream Clients, Grow Your Business’.

Heartfelt thank you to Amanda @Salt Mama for capturing Louise in action

TRANSFORM: Level Up Your Personal Brand, Attract Dream Clients, Grow Your Business.

Branding as an Influencer is Multi-Dimensional...Transparency is paramount!
 94% of customers are more likely to be loyal to brands that are completely transparent.

The majority of customers are overwhelmed by choice and information these days, so businesses have to adopt more meaningful ways to connect with customers.

When we amplify all parts of ourselves - the light and the shadow - we reveal a multi-layered version of ourselves that is captivating to others and increases their trust in us.

In this transformative session, Louise dares participants to unleash who they are from the inside out!

In this presentation, Louise inspires participants to increase their confidence, presence and influence in their positioning, so they can step into the role of leader in their business and industry.