Intensive Identity Sessions

Are you someone who is seeking to understand your potential so you can be fully self-expressed?

Are you tired of second-guessing your choices, and want to stand more in your power?

These Intensive Identity Sessions are designed to challenge you to be more assertive, set boundaries in your life/business, break old unhelpful habits, and value the contribution you bring. By doing so you can live a life fully self-expressed, increase your confidence and boost your resilience.

Influencer Transformation Program

Are you a speaker, author, or mentor who is wanting to become more visible as an expert in your field, and the first person to consider by your ideal client?

Do you have difficulty leveraging your point of difference while also staying true to who you are?

This Influencer Transformation program is designed to level up your positioning, create ways to attract your dream clients and grow your business. The intention is to increase your confidence, and align your presence and influence with your personal brand.

Glamour Transformations

Are you a woman, a man, a mother and daughter, or best friends who are wanting to step up, be bold, and boost your self-confidence?

Do you have trouble being kind to yourself, prioritising yourself, or simply loving the body you are in?

These Glamour Transformations are focused on changing the way you speak about yourself or look at yourself in the mirror, and make bolder decisions that support your dreams. The intention is to help you to really see your value on and inside, embrace all of your curves on the outside, and to project confidence in your day-to-day.

Legacy Portraits

Do you have family or close friends who you would love to celebrate and reconnect with?

Are you yearning to connect with family or close friends, but there never seems to be enough time taken to spend quality time together anymore?

These Legacy Portraits concentrate on opening up more intimate conversation, creating memories that strengthen your bonds and build resilience in your relationships. Legacy is all about feeling closer to our loved ones, opening you up to each others quirks and visually celebrating the history of your family.