Sharing your family story through photographs

Something I am becoming all too aware of lately…not sure if it’s because I am getting older….or because family around me are passing away and my family as I knew it is shrinking…….but family would have to be one of THE most important connections that people::  struggle with/ignore/celebrate/build/leave to deteriorate/have the most pain with/have the most love for……

Two major things happened with me this year.

My dad had a pacemaker put in after years of heart trouble…which highlighted the vulnerability and delicacy of this life of ours and the body we inhabit…..his and our realisation of mortality has intensified the relationship that myself and my brother have with him and my mother….the importance of treasuring these ‘moments’ is no longer a cheesy tagline…but a mantra for our day-to-day lives together.  I seem to be also intent on recording in some way the memories that my parents have of their parents and their grandparents etc etc….recording that family tree not just with names but also with memories and moments.

Also, my husband had his 40th birthday recently where most of his family travelled from Sydney to Brisbane to surprise him, including a cousin who he hadn’t connected with for decades….yes, decades………the effortlessness of how easily his family reconnected and bonded….laughed…and cried….and shared stories…and created new memories…….it never ceases to amaze me how wonderous the human connection is……seeing my husband sit with his dad, who he doesn’t get to see not nearly enough, and share things that they are both doing in their daily lives and seeing the pride in his father’s face……nothing can beat that…..

THIS is what drives me when I photograph my Beloved Family clients…….I invite them to share their stories with me……telling the wisdom of their family and how to truly SEE them through their eyes….and translating that to the camera as a medium for telling those stories…..The woman in the photo featured was someone who I instantly connected with.  Nothing was more important to her than sharing that moment with her daughter and grand-daughters…..she came across as independent, bold and self-assured….and love seeing that in women!  It was my absolute honour and pleasure to photograph her and witness the connection she had with her legacy of 3 other independent, bold and self-assured women.  What a joy!

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