Our vulnerability is our strength as mothers

How many more times will you minimise yourself in order to appease others?

How many more moments will you avoid just so that you can avoid the potential of embarrassment?

How many more people will you keep at a safe distance, just so that you can be in control of your ‘bubble’ of known controlled space?

Where is this perfection that you seek and how will you get there?

IF everything you have ever done could be considered perfection in it’s own version of imperfection, then could you GIFT to yourself right now the gift of Self-Acceptance?

Beautiful Soul, everything you have ever done, everything you have ever dreamt of, is perfectly imperfect….and that is more than Enough!

Invite your SELF to accept that from this moment on, you will be kinder to yourself, gentler with yourself, more nurturing of your SELF, more ‘motherly’ towards YOU.

In order to do this though, there is one key aspect for you to Embrace, and that is your own vulnerability.

Vulnerability isn’t a state of mind.  It isn’t a destination that you ‘achieve’.

It is a journey that opens the heart, and finally becoming SELF aware of how vulnerable you are and having a level of acceptance around that.

There is a strength that comes from being open to vulnerability.

I see it with Mothers all of the time when I am photographing them.  Bringing them outside of the headspace of ‘mother’ and celebrating all facets of their sense of self – woman, partner, mother, daughter, sister.

Vulnerability allows the true spirit to be truly SEEN….that is what I hope for all of my clients…

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