Our Rainbow Baby

Our Rainbow Baby

It wasn’t that long ago when I photographed this most beautiful, precious, “wished for” Rainbow Baby. What a real privilege it was to meet and photograph Addison and her family. Looking back over the images it’s a lovely reminder to count the blessings we have in life.

The Story…

You know when you want something in your life so so so so so much?  You want ‘whatever it is’ so much! But, you have to wait (and willing to wait) quite some time for it to happen?  It doesn’t matter how MUCH you want it, ask for it, beg for it, it doesn’t make that ‘something’ come any quicker?

This is one of those moments for this beautiful couple.  Little Miss Addison is a perfect example of how “all good things come to those who wait”. Her parents, Clare and Adam were the recipients of this magnificent gift and we couldn’t be happier for them both.

Just look at that cute bundle of squishy toes and the button nose and Batman attire…..yes you read right…..I said, Batman!  Addison’s dad is an avid comic book collector.  There was no way in Gotham City that I was going to let an opportunity go by to bring some comic book colour into this photographic experience.

“It was very moving experience for us emotionally, especially planning the shoot before Addison was born, but I remember laughing so much during the whole process!”

“Exploring our emotional connection with our unborn baby was both confronting and heartwarming at the same time. Openly discussing our fears, our joys, our excitement and our anxieties helped Adam and I understand each other’s feelings more. Once she was here I think the whole experience emphasised how much she is a part of both us and who we are as individuals and as a family.”

“I am so grateful for the experience we have had with Louise. It was a lot more than just a photoshoot, it was a journey of personal discovery for myself and Adam as new parents. Louise helped us capture our rainbow baby in a way which was fun, comfortable and meaningful to both of us.”