Multiple Silver Awards won at APPA

Every year I enter the National Australian Institute of Professional Photography Awards to challenge myself and push myself out of my creative comfort zone!  Most of my clients and those who know me well will understand the personal significance and story behind all of these images!  There was a cancer theme throughout these Creative Concept Photo Shoots for this year’s awards.  I am so humbled by the results I received and the feedback I gained from people who were personally touched by these photos.

I received 3 silvers in the National AIPP Awards in the Illustrative Category for 2012.

Two of those three images then scored Silver in the Creative Asia Awards 2012 just recently.

I then found out that both of my images were in the Top 25 Finalists in the Illustrative Category of the Creative Asia Awards 2012.

What an awesome feeling to push myself beyond what I thought I could do, and be rewarded for it.  I always aim to push myself beyond my limits whenever I am photographing my gorgeous clients, giving them everything that I could give, and my reward for this is seeing women transform in front of me…..gaining confidence back in themselves….them realising their true beauty and sense of self.  But there is something very different about pushing yourself outside your limits when it comes to being judged by your peers.  I feel like I still have so much to learn, and I am so excited about what 2013 could bring!  But for this moment……right now…….I’m going to enjoy this feeling and relish in knowing that I did my best, and it was enough…..what a gift to give myself! 😉

These four images are an example of the Creative Concept Photo Shoots I create for my clients.