Gyproc dust and Silver Awards

Well this weekend has been amazing.  Photographers from all over the country entered the AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards this weekend, presenting their best work to be reviewed and judged by some of the best photographers in the country.  I have entered twice before and received a Silver award each time.  It is such a nerve wracking process, waiting for your prints to be judged and then seeing the average score come through from 5 judges.  There were so many absolutely amazing prints on display throughout the weekend.

My husband and I have also been renovating our kitchen this last week (still going 🙂 ).  We are getting rid of the old 70s style kitchen with ‘interesting’ red countertops and matching fake wooden cupboard doors.  Such an interesting combination that has been to live with over the years! 🙂  To give you a little bit of a picture of the scenario this weekend, imagine my husband and I working away in the kitchen, knocking out cabinets and painting walls, as the laptop sits off in the adjacent room displaying the live feed of the judging in Sydney.  Isn’t technology amazing??  I keep on glancing over at the live feed as the judges work through each print in the portrait category.  All of a sudden I see my print and we both run over to the laptop to listen and wait for the scores.  At this stage we are delirious from exhaustion, working on the kitchen all day, waiting for our pizza to arrive (seeing as though we have no stove/oven at the moment).  The scores come up from the 5 judges and I have won a Silver Award for a photo I took of Carly-Jade Haora earlier this year!!!  Imagine us, covered in gyproc dust, jumping up and down excited about the score 🙂


Then a little while later, another one of my prints comes up for judging!  This next image is from a portrait shoot I did with Faye a little while ago.  Faye had shaven her head for the Shave for a Cure campaign, and she wanted to record the event while also creating uplifting images to celebrate the life of her father who passed away last year from cancer.  This was such a special shoot for me.  Faye is a gorgeous woman and so giving.  I am absolutely thrilled that I was able to take this photo for Faye AND for the image to gain a Silver Award at Nationals!  Faye now has an award winning print hanging in her house!!!  As you can imagine, when the image came up for judging and the Silver award score came through, there were more moments of jumping up and down in the family room while covered in gyproc dust from the kitchen renos! 🙂



One of my final prints came up for judging sometime after, and was a portrait of the ever so gorgeous Lynda who did a boudoir shoot with me some time ago.  The scores came up, and while it justttt missed out on a Silver award, it scored a Certificate of Attainment, which is still very cool!!! 🙂



So all up, it was an awesome weekend!  2 Silver Awards and a Certificate of Attainment!!  It is an amazing feeling to put your prints up for judging by some of THE most talented photographers in the country.  When the average of 5 of those judges brings you back an award of any kind, it is a reassuring experience.  The whole experience pushes your creative boundaries.  It inspires you to try new and different things with your photography.  I am so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community of photographers.  The other advantage to the awards is that you accrue points with each Certificate of Attainment and Award that you receive going towards your Associateship and Master of Photography within the AIPP.  With the 2 Silver Awards that I have received from this competition in previous years, it means that I am only 1/2 a point away from my Associateship in the AIPP!!!  Who knows what 2012 will bring!!! 🙂