A Memorable Portrait

You know when you meet someone and have an instant memorable connection with them?  That is what it was like when I met with Faye at our Riverhills home studio a few months ago.  We have both been involved in the helping professions and both confess to being a little quirky 🙂  Faye is someone who you can sit and talk with for ages.  I always want to get to know my clients better, as that is how I am able to create a custom portrait session for them and their family.  As I got to know Faye some more, we both realised that there would need to be a few different themes to the shoot which all tied together.  The first theme was remembering and celebrating the life of Faye’s father who passed away recently.  Faye has participated in World’s Greatest Shave for the past few years, and we thought it would be cool to arrange the photo shoot for after her participation this year when her head had been shaven.  It is such an important cause and you should really look into ways of involving yourself next year!

Faye wanted to include her father’s hat and his love of clocks into the shoot.




Memorable Moments

We also wanted this shoot to be a celebration of her life, her achievements and her gorgeous home.  Faye had THE most adorable puppy dogs.  Such loveable sooks!  Faye is an amazing woman with a diverse background and interests.  It was such an honour to have the opportunity to photograph her and capture her beauty as a woman, a wife and a mother!





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