In my Daughter’s Eyes | Brisbane Newborn Story Photographer

This couple have been waiting for this little ray of moonbeams for many years now.

I have walked with them in this journey together, to this very moment in time.

Through whispers of time that break our heart,

there is always a rainbow hiding somewhere waiting to be found.

I cannot wait to witness this family grow as they create more precious memories together.

I would say that this moment below is one of my absolute favourites as a storyteller of souls.

Stars cannot shine without the darkness folding it’s way through time.

This little girl is their shining star.  She is so loved by many.

Her daddy is a lover of stories in the form of comic books….he has quite the collection.

We thought it would be a beautiful memory to include his daughter in something that will no doubt become a special bond between them as she grows older.

In my daughter’s eyes, I am a hero….