Christmas Family Portraits 2012

We have a limited awesome offer for anyone who books our Christmas Family Portraits package for $400 by Friday 30th November 2012!

When you book your Christmas Family Portraits session package you will receive a 1 hour mini family portrait session.  In addition you will have a choice of either one 8″x12″ print framed in one of our gorgeous wild flower cream rustic frames, OR two 8″x12″ prints matted ready for framing.  You will also receive two 5″x7.5″ identical prints as copies of the 8″x12″ print that you originally chose.  As an extra gift from Emotive Images, you will also receive a group of 10 Christmas photo decorations using the photo you chose for framing, that you can send to family and friends as Christmas presents.

I know better than anyone else how fragile life is and how precious it is!  Life moves on and we get busy, and we all change so so much over the years.  Your family, your children….they all deserve to have memories of all of you within photos that they can look back on and enjoy!  This is a perfect opportunity to capture some current up-to-date images of you and your family.

These Christmas Family Portraits are also a perfect present for family and friends for Christmas (which I am afraid to say is approaching even quicker than we realise lol).  This portrait session will literally finalise all of your Christmas shopping in one hour of being photographed and one hour of choosing your photos!  Leave the rest to me!

If you are anything like me, then Christmas can be a veryyyy busy time of year!  So many things to do, see, experience and achieve.  I adore Christmas, it represents so much to me and for my family.  If you want to share in my Christmas excitement, then feel free to check out how many days there are until Christmas (if you dare!!!)  🙂

Conditions apply for Christmas Family Portraits

The location for these mini Christmas Family Portraits sessions will be strictly limited to the South-West suburbs of Brisbane, and the times for these sessions will also be limited to particular week days and some Saturdays.  All portrait sessions and orders must be completed by the end of December 2012.  There will be a limit to the number of people who can book this Christmas Family Portraits package, so don’t wait until the 30th November, otherwise you are likely to miss out!

Mention this offer when you book with Emotive Images either on 0402 283 219 or or using the contact form below.

To keep up-to-date with any details about these portrait sessions, click through to our page about this offer.

Christmas Family Portraits