Christmas Family Photos

37 days until Christmas!

37 days until……

…christmas carols fill the air…

…christmas paper covers the lounge room floor and tinsel sprinkles from the tree…

…children young and old awake to the anticipation of a day filled with family, spirit and joy…

…families celebrate their time together and reflect on a year that has flown by…

By the time the Christmas tree is put away again for another year, the Christmas carols are switched off, all of the leftovers from Christmas day are eaten, and family and friends return to their busy lives – the holiday season of Christmas has ended and we move into yet another year.  How busy do we all get each and every year?  It seems to move quicker as each year passes.  So very quickly children grow up, people move on, and life changes.


We are living in an society where time and personal connection are probably THE most desired and elusive lifestyle qualities that people yearn for the most.  In my former life as a registered psychologist I would 99% of the time have people coming to see me about either “time poor” issues or concerns about personal connections with those around them.  We as a society have demanded more convenience in our lives, which has ultimately led to more online shopping, iphones, ipads, smart phones, the expectation of communication virtually instantaneously!  Ironically we are even more disconnected than we used to be.  There is like an overload of information, both helpful and unimportant, that is clouding our days and our experiences.  Never moreso than now have we wanted more personal connection, more understanding and to be heard.  How many times have you rung a service provider and been speaking to a machine, or even worse listening to that ‘on hold’ music for the 10th time?  How many times have you struggled for time along with your partner, away from all the distractions of life?  How many times have you give yourself ANY time for yourself in the past month, time that is enriching and reinvigorates you?  On one hand we want services and products immediately and on the other hand we would ‘cut off our right arm’ just to have the world slow down and for us to be able to relax and enjoy our time with one another.

Christmas Day is a great example of the latter option (without the need for cutting off a limb lol).  Everything gets to slow down and there is nothing else to focus on other than family and friends around you.  No shops are open, people on social media sites are away from their computers (for the most part 🙂 ) enjoying time with their own families, and there is something really comforting about having the ‘permission’ to just stop for that day and really take in everything that is happening.  Appreciation and reflection is what Christmas Day is all about.

No matter what combination makes up your family, it is important to take stock and celebrate your time together.  I know how important it is to listen to people, to understand their needs and to hear their ideas.  The many clients I have had the pleasure to photograph over the years have exhibited the same desires that I have mentioned above.  The need to be heard, the need to take time out for themselves and their families, and the need to build on those personal connections with those they love.  I like to think that I have helped them with that, even for a fleeting moment through a photo shoot.  Just think that if each of my clients had not taken the time to celebrate their personal connections in front of the camera, then the photos below would never have existed.  When you really slow it down and think about what matters the most, it is these memories that you can hang onto for generations.  The joy of a moment….how tiny your newborn baby’s hands were compared to yours….that ‘look’ that your partner gave you when they are in love and feeling loved….how feminine you felt when feeling pampered….

There is something really comforting and grounding about knowing that a person took the time out to stand in front of a camera.  By doing so they have stood up, been counted, and announced to the world that they were here!  That they love, that they are loved, they cry, they feel joy, they play and they share their time with others.  I know that most people do that haphazardly every day through interactions with people at work, at home and on the internet.  But how often do we do this and record the moment properly?  How often is one person left out of a photo because ‘someone’ has to hold the camera?  Our time on this earth is limited, and through the rush and bustle of life, we can forget that we are living the moments of a generation who those after us will reflect back upon.  Those old, hazy photos that you look back on now of generations past, will be us one day.  Those photos that you peer at, of great great aunts and grandmothers, create a sense of us being part of something that is much much bigger than just ourselves.  Those photos have substance, have an energy to them that you can’t replace.  They say something about the people who once walked this earth, they say that they were here, that they loved, that they were loved, they cried, they felt joy, they played and they shared their time with others.

The philosophy behind Emotive Images is to encourage my clients to be connected with someone……….and my clients and I do this through the story of photos.  Their story.  Their connections.  Their memories.  What an honour to be a part of!  It is my passion!

I love collaborating alongside my clients to help them express through photographs…

 that they are here

that they love

that they are loved

that they cry

that they feel joy

that they play

and that they share their time with others!

As my friends, family and my clients would know, this year has been a tough one for my family.  Floods, close family passing away, family going through some major health struggles, and then finally 3 weeks ago my parents were in a serious car accident.  They are alive…..injured….but alive.  It brought home a lot for me in terms of what is important.  Hence, why this blog post is so long and detailed 🙂  I promise that we are near the end of my post 🙂

To sum up what I have said, I encourage you all to hugs your kids or your partner or your pet just a little bit more this weekend!  Spend just a little more time playing rather than working.  Give time to yourself and your family, away from distractions.  You never know what life is going to bring next.

If what I have said above strikes a cord for you, then I would love to hear from you!  I would love to hear your ideas of ways to reconnect with your family or even with who you are as a person (minus the distractions).

Let’s create something in a photo that tells the world that you were here!

To say that you love, that you are loved, that you cry, that you feel joy,

that you play and that you share your time with others!



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