“Brand” new Emotive Images

Behind the scenes, Emotive Images has been going through a major rebranding process in the past few months.  I contacted Netra Chetty some months ago to talk about redesigning my logo and branding in general.  My original logo, while lovely, is over 2 years old now.  I have grown immensely in my business, with my photography, and as a person since it was designed in early 2008.  What also prompted the change in branding, was that I recently made the decision to focus 100% of my time on Emotive Images.  In the past I have juggled Emotive Images along with my very busy psychology private practice.  This is a moment where I needed to choose one or the other……and Emotive Images is the choice 🙂

Photography is my passion…..it inspires me……it helps me inspire others………

So I approached Netra to ask for her help in creating a brand that truly reflected what my style is in photography and who I am as a photographer.

Netra is amazing!  She has listened to me, she has created branding that I am so proud of, she really ‘saw me’ and who I want to be as a photographer.

There is a lot more to the new branding than what I am about to show you.  Our packaging has totally changed, our website has had a total review and will still be changing over the coming months as we continue to tweak and improve things, our dealings with our customers has changed and improved, and there are huge additions happening at our home studio.  Below you will find the foundations of the new brand for Emotive Images.  It draws inspiration from the colour red and passion/emotion, while remaining classy and modern.  The lines of clusters relates to my love of “bling” and everything sparkly and shiny 🙂  I also wanted the feeling of flow and movement in my logo and branding.  The challenge was to create a style of branding that suited all sides of our business – Emotive Weddings, Emotive Boudoir and Emotive Portraits.  The final part of the branding was our new tagline………..360 degrees of YOU………I love taking photos of people throughout every part of their lives.  I treasure being THE photographer for my clients, recording all of the events in their lives.  I photograph 360 degrees of my clients……360 degrees of YOU.

If you are looking for a designer for your business, I totally recommend Netra!  She has been amazing, so supportive, and gives 110% to your project!  I cannot wait to expand on my branding elements with her in the future!