10 ways to make sure that you have an awesome Christmas

I adore Christmas.  It would have to be my most favourite time of the year.  The weather starts to warm up, storms start increasing in Brisbane.  It is a signal that the year is ending, and a new year is about to start – a fresh slate.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a bit of a sarcastic humour, and I don’t take myself too seriously (sometimes).  In order to help you with the leadup to Christmas NEXT WEEK!!! eeekkk…I thought I would give you Ten Ways to Ensure that you Enjoy Christmas this year! 🙂  Some of the below points, I have been known to do lol  Some are just my wicked sense of humour.  There may be 1 or 2 in the list that are just a tad tongue-in-cheek!  Enjoy! 🙂


Ten Ways to Make Sure that You Have an Awesome Christmas

  1. Buy two Christmas puddings, not just one.  One is never enough.  That way you have different tastes in each one, which will compliment the pavlova, trifle fruit platter and mousse that will spread out on the table.  And if you have any left overs, then you are guaranteed backup food plans for the next two weeks!  Winning!!!
  2. Most definitely throw caution to the wind.  You only live once, right?  Spend as much as you can on gifts for your loved ones.  Trust me on this, your mum is going to absolutely adore that Rollie Egg Roll Maker, dad is going to be tickled pink with that onsie that you bought for him with the matching Doomagic pillow case, and your brother is going be in awe when you purchase him not one but 2 Shake Weights for him to use in his workouts.  The more you spend, the more they will know that you appreciate them.
  3. I like to cover the Christmas tree with lots and lots and lots of tinsel.  It makes everything look pretty!  This has a bonus side to it, if you own a cat.  They love that kind of stuff!  The earlier you can put up the Christmas Tree, then the earlier that kitty can enjoy the tinsel.  One caution though: ensure that no valuables are left on the ground, otherwise said kitty will proceed to vomit tinsel-fied vomit all over your brand new gucci handbag, or your new golf bag.  This is just kitty showing how much she appreciated the bling-y gifts, so feel satisfied that she is happy!
  4. Double check that you have booked that air-conditioning repair appointment for after Christmas.  No point bugging them before Christmas.  Plus, you need to save as much money beforehand to buy the fairlights and Santa-in-his-sleigh lightup toy that will look amazing in the front yard!
  5. I prefer to leave my gift purchases until the very last minute…..you get to absorb yourself in the ‘vibe’ and ‘spirit’ of Christmas time.  It is even moreso exciting if you can bring as many kids in hand with you to the shops.  You will get to see their eyes light up with everything in the toys section, as well as the awesome lineup for seeing Santa….from my experience Christmas Eve probably has the most magic possible at shopping centres.
  6. Kids love toys with sounds and flashing lights and bells and music….it all improves their learning and can keep them occupied for minutes at a time!  Be sure to purchase each of the kids coming for Christmas, the most interesting toys you can find.  Bonus points if they can all receive totally different toys, so that they are all unique and they can share the toys between them.  I find it also helpful to include a small bag of lollies in the present as well, because which kids don’t want lollies at Christmas time?  It will keep them entertained for ages!  Hot Tip: make sure to excuse yourself after dessert and head back home, as the parents will want plentyyyyyyyyyy of time to get the kids tucked into bed and having a sleep in the afternoon.
  7. There is a good chance that your air-conditioner might shut down with the 40 degree heat that is usual around this time of year, and also you didn’t want to bug the air-conditioner repairman before Christmas, so while you are cooking your several roasts and vegies etc, make sure to open up all of the windows to allow as much breeze to come through as possible.  I also find that the Christmas hats that come in the christmas crackers, are perfect to catch the sweat as it runs down your forehead.
  8. Remember to regift that present you received last year from Auntie Maude…..it will be even better if she can be there when you do so….that way she gets to experience the gift of ‘giving’ all over again.  Bonus points if the gift is still in it’s original packaging.  Just make sure that you give it to someone who appreciates it as much as you do.
  9. Make sure to choose THE most difficult board game, that requires THE most amount of rules to follow…..people like that kind of activity on Christmas Day….it brings people together!  Great fun, especially if there are a few highly competitive people in the family!  Friendly rivalry is very important on this day.  Make sure that everyone is involved, even the grumpy ones that would rather stay in the corner to sleep off the ham and pork and turkey and chicken and potatoes and beans and cranberry sauce and champas.  They will thank you later.
  10. I like to organise as many catch-ups as possible on Christmas Day, that way it is like a food crawl from one location to the next.  Make sure to get an early start, because if you can fit in as many visits as possible then you will have Boxing Day to relax in front of the television and watch the cricket.  Alternatively, and a much wiser decision would be to have everyone come to your place.  That way you don’t have to go anywhere.  You will most definitely have to start much much earlier to get all of the food sorted, but at least you will have the house full of giggling kids using those amazing toys that you bought earlier, mountains of christmas paper that you can reuse next year, lots of people who can fan you with soft-cover books etc while you take the several roasts out of the oven, plenty of people who can be on tinsel vomit pickup duty, and you will get to see tipsy Uncle Ted wearing his sweat soaked christmas hat while reading out to as many people as possible the joke in his christmas cracker “Why did Santa’s helper see the doctor?  Because he had a low “elf” esteem!”.


Although, when it’s all said and done, no matter what your Christmas looks like, remember the following:

  • Spend mindfully this Christmas period, not just before but after Christmas.  Be mindful with what you are purchasing, and whether it is a treat or whether it will put more pressure on you.
  • Give yourself some time on Christmas Day, and even leading up to it if you can, try and identify 3 things you are GRATEFUL FOR.  The action of gratefulness and naming those things, can bring so much joy, it can ground you, and it can give you some focus of how you want the day to proceed.
  • I’m always mindful of the older family members around this time of year.  It can be such a lonely time for them.  Make sure to reach out to them at Christmas time, even if it’s just a phone call.  Family is always important.
  • Above all else, give yourself permission to have an IMPERFECT Christmas.  Your Christmas might look very much like what I have listed above, and that is ok 🙂  But equally so, if you choose to have a ‘quieter’ day or choose other traditions to celebrate the day, then more power to you!
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Have a Very Merry, Imperfectly Perfect Christmas Day

From Louise and Phil