Selecting Jewellery for your Transformation Shoot

Jewellery selection can be an important part of a Transformation Portrait.  Jewellery can reflect how you see yourself, how it frames the body or face, and can show parts of your personality.  It can strengthen and highlight your features and the colour tones of your skin, hair and eyes.  While sentimental pieces that might be small and unassuming (ie. rings, lockets) can be just as important for completing your transformation look and how you feel during your shoot, don’t forget to consider some stronger and larger items that can become a feature of some of your photos.  Remember that in your photos, for a more bold and emotive image, you will need to choose equally bold and textured jewellery that creates shadows and reflects colour and light well.  The camera tends to ‘take’ some of the energy away from a photo.  I’m not sure how to explain it.  But every time I have a woman pose in front of the camera with an exaggerated pose, it will often feel strange to the woman when she is posing, but when we look on the back of the camera the image looks gorgeous and there is no sign of awkwardness.  The same goes for jewellery.  Choose items that make a statement and are quite bold!

Take for instance the one below.  It is a necklace that we have draped over one side of her head, to frame the face and create some different texture and light.

Long trails of several necklaces with similar features, in this instance pearls, can be great for breaking up the colour of skin, and matching with rings and the colour of tops or bras.

This necklace had deep grey/green colours in it with various edges to each of the crystals, which reflected light and added shadow, which in turn created some dimension to that part of the image.  It also worked well with the subject’s hair and eye colour.

Transformation Portraits