Dear Universe, this is my Wish List of what Photo Shoot’s I would love to do next year!

There are many changes happening in the Emotive Images camp, heading into 2014!  Many we are still working on.  Some are personal, and some are business based, and some are creatively inspired.  From here on in my clients will be referred to as my Muses, as that is a much closer representation of how I see them and the collaboration that we experience during the photo shoot process!  One of the changes I am making personally, is setting intentions and creating more opportunities for myself, for my family and for my business.  I’m tired of sitting back and ‘waiting’ for moments to happen or opportunities to come a knocking!  Hands up who else is!?!  So here goes!  Imperfectly perfect intentions for what I would love to photograph next year, not limited to but including:

  • A young woman who is still learning about who she is in this crazy world…..working through some new processes I will have in the studio in 2014 that will help my muses to identify how they want to be captured in front of the camera.  I can see her going through the entire process and feeling so inspired and focused as how she wants to be seen by others, and how she wants to make a mark in this world!  She will have the most amazing collection of images all beautifully presented in a box that she can sit on her bedside table, and look back on in moments of difficulty and inspiration.  Cannot wait to make this a reality for her!
  • A woman who has some sort of disfigurement, and wants to record it in a creative way by us both collaborating and creating an image that is beautiful and reflects her as a whole!  I can imagine creating an image that she can hang on her wall, and feel absolute pride with the personal artwork that she has created.
  • A four generation female portrait, with daughters, a mother, a grandmother and a great grandmother.  Imagine the wisdom in that room?  What an amazing gift for each of those people, but especially so for the young daughters, who will be a part of a portrait that will be an awesome record of their history as a family.  I can see the portrait printed on the wall right now, hanging in the grandmother’s home, pride of place in the lounge room….right beside the growing collection of images of her grand-daughters from when they were a baby, right through until they are young ladies.
  • A woman with a strong connection to her country of origin, photographing her in her traditional attire…..with a creative twist that inspires an image that she can hang proudly in her home…..something that empowers the women in her family and community.
  • A business woman who is shy and is unsure of how she wants to be seen on her business website…..who goes through a process with me in the pre-shoot consult where she identifies that she wants to be wearing flowing dresses and photographed on the side of a hill at sunset….laughing and smiling, and just ‘playing’ in front o the camera…….the resulting images are glorious, they show exactly who she is and are magnetic!  They boost her brand, with clients drawn to her from all walks of life.  She blossoms!
  • A woman with tattoos…..any kind…..any size….I want to celebrate their individual expression!  I can imagine grunge, steampunk, glam images with lots of moody lighting.  Imagine a woman with a sleeve tattoo, showing some serious atti-tudeeee to the camera, wearing a bold black dress or pant suit, and lots of bling hanging from the ceiling in front of her, one either side of her and in the background….and some dry ice rising from the ground…..HOT!
  • A mother and teenage daughter in plain, earthy attire, intertwined….moody lighting….celebrating their bond!  I see lots of earthy materials, sticks, twigs, leaves, even some mud might make it into the scene. 🙂
  • A 60 something young woman in a gorgeous bold dress dripping with bling, and video-ing her having THE best time of her life!  I want her to empower others and be a role model for how women can embrace their lives, their bodies, and their femininity!  Yes!
  • A woman with strong natural red hair and gorgeous freckles…..set in a low light scene, with lots of material flowing……and an owl….yeah, why not! 🙂  or a gorgeous macaw! 🙂
  • A mother of several children who is totally shy of the camera and cannot see how gorgeous she is…..putting her in front of a rocking makeup and hair artist who pampers her socks off…..and then photographing her in her home…..that she personally doubts will work but I assure her that it will……..this is where she has raised all of her children, picked up toys, wiped spit off faces and changed nappies lol…….but instead, we give her one of THE most glamorous experiences she has ever had, using the rug in her lounge room, the couch in her tv room, the hallway where all her kids rooms are, her bedroom where she collapses each night exhausted from a day of childcare and picking kids up from school……..after all of that…..she receives images of herself that completely rock her world, and make all of the rest totally worth it!  For example, see below 🙂

glamour photo brisbane


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