Photo Session Prop Choice

Props can be such an important part of your Transformation Portrait.  If you are going to choose a prop or theme of props, then you need to go all the way with the selection, otherwise it will look like a half hearted effort and you will lose the effect in the photos.  You also need to be selective with your props, as you want them to only be a part of the entire photo, not dominate it.  The props you choose also need to be relevant to you and your personality and style.  In our initial consultation together we will talk about your prop choices and I will be able to help you brainstorm some ideas.

Below are some examples of props used by previous clients of Emotive Images.  This first example is of the client sitting on top of her home bar, with her liquor collection surrounding her.  The bottles light up really well with the lights we used.

If you are going to choose balloons, either have only 2 or 3, or purchase many.  These all had helium in them to allow us to play with posing them around her body etc.

These below are simply those display stems and flowers that you can purchase in home decoration shops.  They shape her body really well and mimic the curves, while adding some different colour.

This was actually the client’s display bowl that I saw sitting in her kitchen, that is used for fruit etc.  The colour, texture and shape really stood out.  You would be surprised what is in your home that we can use, that you probably haven’t thought about yet.

A cute pink classic phone to create a pin-up style image.

This would have to be one of THE most requested poses and overall “look” that women ask for when they see it in the studio.  It is simply a riding crop that we used to give her hands something to do, and shape her arms around her body.

Choose a cute top hat and a jacket, and you can change the whole ‘look’ of your outfit.

Simply adding sunglasses can change an image completely and give it an edgier look!

Scattering rose petals over the floor or wherever you are sitting or lying down can add a splash of colour…

Ever thought about including your pets in the photo?  If you are a “pet person” like I am, then your pets are so important to you!  This image below is so simple, and yet it captures so much attention when women come into the studio and see it on the wall.

Would you believe that this was just a knife holder, sitting in the client’s kitchen?  As soon as I saw it I knew we had to use it.  The screen was in their house, and was used to shape around her body and diffuse the light that was directed from top left of the image.

Tulle can add some softness to an image….and a delicate coverage of areas 🙂

Another example of using material that can create patterns on the body and offer a differently textured background.  The client AND myself were both standing underneath this material, and allowing it to drape around her head and body to add colour, texture and depth.

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