Mum Daughter Transformation

Sweet, Empowered, Heartfelt Mum Daughter Transformation

“I would love some photos of myself with my mum, as she is one of the most important people in my life.  But I doubt you will get her in front of a camera, as she gets super nervous around a camera.

What Liz said when she booked her photo session experience with Emotive Images. It inspired me to give her and her mum Jan a photographic experience unlike anything that they could ever imagine! What fun to photograph a mum daughter transformation, even more so when they utter the words “Oh I’m not photogenic at all”.

The Story of this mum daughter transformation…

The love and devotion between Liz and Jan is beautiful. I just knew that I had to capture the depth of their relationship on a number of levels.

Liz is an avid crafter and creates some stunning work.  Her mum has similar interests, but also absolutely loves cooking for her family.  Jan’s love of cooking became the fodder creative inspiration as you can see in the photographs. I knew we needed to incorporate it somehow in the photo session, along with their gorgeous, fun personalities.

The Future…

I can imagine Liz and Jan in 10 years time sitting down to look through their photos from this session and giggling to each other about how cold and sticky the spaghetti was in the bath tub.

Their wall art and albums will become a visual reminder of that day many years ago when they both made themselves a priority, celebrated their mother/daughter relationship, and forever changed their perception about being photographed.

mum daughter portraitmum daughter portraitmum daughter portraitmum daughter portraitmum daughter portraitmum daughter portraitmum daughter portraitmum daughter portraitmum daughter portraitmum daughter portraitmum daughter portrait

“What surprised me the most from this photo session was how much it made me think about my perceptions of myself. I was always comfortable with my body (I thought) but being photographed brought all my insecurities to the fore.” 

mum daughter portrait

“My favourite photo out of the entire experience was Mum in the bath with spaghetti! 🙂 The photo and process to get the photo was priceless.  We had so many laughs.”

mum daughter portrait

mum daughter portraitmum daughter portraitmum daughter portrait

mum daughter portrait

“The photo shoot I had with Louise at Emotive Images was both the most confronting and rewarding photos I’ve ever had taken. Mum and I started off REALLY nervous. Neither of us love our photos being taken. But by the end of our shoot, both of us found our inner goddesses with Louise’s encouragement and support. We now have got the most stunning photos to prove it.
I would encourage anyone who wants pictures of either themselves, or their families to go to Louise and get it done. To do this with mum was an experience I won’t forget and every time I see the pictures I’m reminded of the fun that we had that day!
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Louise.”