“Bond, James Bond” Transformation

Starting the Transformation…

In our last blog we introduced Alan. His wife, Faye had purchased a a gift certificate for Alan for his 50th Birthday. She wanted to celebrate her husband, amplifying his individuality as a man and as an amazing father. All this whilst having lots of fun in the process. Bring in James Bond, aka Alan!

James Bond

Love him or hate him, you cannot deny that the icon of James Bond is edgy, bold and mysteriously ruthless.  I personally love the Bond movies.  I particularly enjoyed the more recent movie, SkyFall which is superbly filmed with lots of twists to keep you within the fantasy.  It is such a joy when I meet someone who has a shared passion for something like this icon.

Becoming Bond….

We spread the photographic experience over 2 days, both using architecturally beautiful buildings as well as some role playing with his two daughters, who also share an interest in James Bond.  We had great fun creating Bond scenes with pretend bank vaults to break into and 100% fake 🙂 bombs to defuse, all while ‘James Bond’ (aka Dad) stood guard with his replica Walther PPK handgun.

James Bond

James Bond James Bond James Bond James Bond James Bond James Bond

“Our experience with Louise is always fun, much less about being in front of a camera and more about having a good time!”

James Bond

Awesome words from Faye about the whole experience

“Emotive Images has become an institution in our family. Louise has provided us with a legacy of the most beautiful and evocative photos over several years now, most recently with the “James Bond” shoot with Alan. We know these photos will live well beyond us. That they will be a highly treasured legacy for our children and beyond, and that much more that just a visual record, they have captured our family love and bond – priceless.”