You make me blush

I approached Carolina late last year to see how we could work together to offer both of our customers something of interest that the other business wasn’t already offering.  Carolina owns and runs an absolutely gorgeous shop in Yeronga, called Pink Blush Boutique & Beauty.  My clients seriously need to check out this shop as it is like a candy shop, with so many outfits, makeup, jewellery, handbags and the nicest smelling candles that you can purchase 🙂  Carolina wanted her own Transformation Portrait, so we decided to utilise the amazing backdrops, furniture and lighting that she has in her store.  I am sure that passers-by were wondering what we were doing, as they walked passed the large glass windows in her store.  But we didn’t care, we were having so much fun and lots of laughs!  Carolina absolutely rocked her photo shoot, as you will see below!  A huge thank you to Erin Bigg for absolutely stunning makeup and hair – as usual 🙂  Her customers are veryyyyy lucky as they have the opportunity of experiencing their very own Transformation Portrait when they purchase in her store 😉  Here are a few questions I asked Carolina about her experience…..


Where was your shoot done?

At my salon/boutique in Yeronga.

What was the overall theme or style?

Sexy, classy and stylish with the beautiful wallpaper and chaise lounge as a backdrop.

What outfits, shoes and jewellery/accessories did you wear? Any recommended suppliers?

Corset, skirts, a black n white dress and fun sexy heels.

Did you use any props and where did you source them from?

My own collection.

What was your initial reason for doing the shoot?

To try out something new in my newly renovated store, my own confidence and to show my clients they can do it too.

How did the shoot meet your expectations?

It went beyond my expectations.

What was a memorable moment from the shoot?

Lots of laughs throughout. Probably me being silly with my fav pink phone and laughing in the change room about Louise being a voyeur lol.

What did your partner think about the photos?

Loved them and thought it was cheeky, pretty and classy all in one.

Would you do a similar type of shoot like this again in the future with Emotive Images?

Definately or a couples shoot.

What was it like being in front of the camera doing this type of shoot?

At first was a little scary but then you just fall in love with it.

What was your most favourite product that you purchased from Emotive Images during your ordering session?

The box set and a print is next on my list.

What do you think that you will say about these photos in 5 or 10 years time?

I was hot haha.

What surprised you the most about this photo shoot?

I look slimmer and prettier then I thought.

What was your favourite photo out of the entire shoot?

I love all of them but 1. me on the chaise lounge and 2. me in my black and white dress with my arm up and 3. me in the back room closing my eyes with my arms draped across my body.

In your own words, tell us about your experience…

‘I absolutely loved being a star in my photo shoot. It definately brought out my fun, relaxed side and took me away from my busy work life for a change. These photos capture you in a way you can’t explain and i’m so excited to have this treasure collection for years to come. Louise is a very talented photographer and I can’t thank her enough for her time and beautiful work.’