Give me attitude

A few months ago now, I was invited to speak at the national Australian Exposure conference my Transformation Portrait Sessions, and my own Transformation as a business owner and woman.

I have made many strong friendships at these types of events, and especially at the Australian Exposure conference, which has been running for several years now.  It is always a great place to learn new things about the industry and rock solid processes and techniques about photography and business in general.  One of the amazing and long lasting friendships that has grown over the years from this conference, is with Lynette who is a photographer from Coffs Harbour.  We were ‘roomies’ at the conference, at Radisson Resort on the Gold Coast 🙂  Lynette commissioned me some months ago to have her very own Transformation Portrait in our hotel room at the conference.  I love a challenge, and a blank and generic hotel room is definitely that! hehe  A lot of women come to me wanting to do a portrait shoot but they are reallllly worried about the location for the shoot – their home.  They are worried that it isn’t glam enough or doesn’t have enough to work with.  I don’t work out of a studio, so I do 99% of my shoots at client’s houses.  The other 1% is at hotel rooms 🙂  Some hotel rooms are just divine and unique, but most are pretty standard.  I actually LOVE working in people’s homes, as it is personalised to them, and they underestimate the backgrounds, walls, and props in their home that will make their shoot POP! 🙂  I am going to show you now an image that I created at Lynette’s Transformation Portrait shoot (sneak peak only, more images to come later), in a bare and basic hotel room.  This is to show you that the portrait shoot is only partially reliant on the type of location you are using, and ALL about the attitude and personality you bring to a shoot!

This is the location for the final photograph.  Simply a sheer curtain, window light, my flash, and a WHOLE lot of attitude and fun!

Transformation Portrait

Here is a before photo below of my gorgeous friend Lynette.  While she is already an absolutely gorgeous woman, inside and out…..and this image is already a beautiful representation of her….I want to capture her personality, her passion, her spark!  I want to reflect the true self of Lynette, who is witty, bubbly, dead set sexy and strong!  In this photo below, I know that she has that within her, but I can’t SEE it in her eyes.  I want her to truly know it and feel it and SHOW it……and THEN she will shine even moreso in her photos!

Transformation Portrait

Below we are both underneath and behind the sheer curtain that I mentioned above.  I have the flash positioned behind her.  The music is playing with Lynette’s favourite tunes.  There is lots of giggling at this point, lots of talking and mucking around to really bring out Lynette’s playful, cheeky and sexy side.  And then something just clicks for Lynette, and she completely comes out of her shell.  She fires up and let’s loose, and the image below is the outcome of this process.  She stops worrying about how she looks, or what is the best pose.  She has the freedom to just be herself!  I treat all of my clients like they are a girlfriend of mine.  They do become ‘client friends’ of mine (Suse 🙂 ) from the moment we are doing the initial brainstorming session and I am talking them through all of their fears and desires of how they want to be seen in their photos!  By the time we are at the session and we have gotten through the initial 30 minutes of awkwardness at the start of the session, we are having an absolute ball!  A complete workout mind you, with all of the posing and holding of positions……but an absolute ball of fun!

Check out this image of my gorgeous gorgeous friend Lynette.  Bubbly, dead set sexy and strong!!!!!!!!

Transformation Portrait

Lynette’s words about her Transformation Portrait

Louise you had a way of not only making me feel comfortable but bringing out the inner me that is hidden away by being a busy women caught up in day to day life. You some how pulled out the adventurous excited young women within me I had forgotten was even there. 

I have admired your photography for years now but your skill with me as a person is something I am envious of. Your amazing Louise, I cant thank you enough.