So much more to glamour than a sexy gift for your partner

What could be better than a glamour day of pampering, with some makeup and hair styling, and some rocking photos in your own home?
The ultimate could be experiencing the above, AND as a result feeling so empowered and authentically inspired, that it creates a powerful mind shift within you, where you reconnect to that confidence that you once lost and you begin to listen more to your own intuition about you as a dynamic feminine being.
So many of us women have ‘survived’ through so many events in our lives, that we have lost that connection to an inner ‘knowing’ that we have about our sense of self and the true impact of ourselves on others around us.  We lose touch of the value we have in this world.  Some of us become mothers, some of us become workaholics, some of us do both, some of us get lost in a relationship with another, some of us dull our senses with food or alcohol or television.  But all of us have something in common.  We ALL have a connection to the divine feminine……we just need a little help to reignite that once fierce connection.
Charmaine is one of these women.  She is a mum of two beautiful boys, and has an amazing partner in her life.  But she had lost confidence in her own body.  She has a rocking body, looks great in just about anything.  She could be told this until the end of days by everyone around her, and I am sure that that has happened on a number of occasions (no different to any of us).
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But something truly transformative happened when Charmaine chose to trust the process that I wanted to take her through.  She commissioned a Transformation Portrait about a month ago, originally as a gift to her partner.  I had informed her at the time that these types of shoots often start out as a gift to a loved one, but they end up being something much much more important to her personally.  She smiled and nodded.  I could tell from her facial expression that she was listening to what I had said, but she wasn’t entirely sure what that “something important” would really look like for her.
So we went ahead planning for the photo shoot!  We took a good 2 weeks to finalise all of the clothing (mostly outfits that she already had in her wardrobe) and jewellery and props.  I booked the very talented Zoe Tranter for the makeup and hair that would be done at her home on the day.  I think that Zoe is amazing.  She is very professional, and so friendly and supportive to my clients.  She really puts them at ease, before their shoot is about to begin.
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brisbane photographer



Once the physical transformation was complete, it was time to bring everything together and get that music cranking!  As the music boomed throughout the house, the energy within both Charmaine and myself started to rise.  As we finished each setup and theme, I noticed Charmaine get more and more confident within her own body and her sense of self.  I love this moment of the shoot…. Clothes and jewellery and shoes and accessories are all over the spare room….we are onto our 3rd hour of photographing, and the adrenaline has started to ease a little.  This is when I notice a transformation within the very soul of my client.  She is finally starting to believe, all of those compliments that people have told her over the years, and even better still, she is giving herself compliments.  There is a sense of becoming more self-assured…..much more grounded….and more confident about how to pose her body.  It is like there is the beginning of a reawakening in the person in front of me.  It is such an honour to witness this.  The photos are the end result of this whole process, and a strong reminder of the very CHOICE she has made to invest in herself and prioritising herself!

Charmaine’s interview about her glamour photo shoot!

Where was your shoot done?
At my home.
What was the overall theme or style?
Transformation / Boudoir.
What outfits, shoes and jewellery/accessories did you wear? Any recommended suppliers?
Louise is Awesome! Not a lot of expense is needed. Most of the things I already had at home. I used jeans, nice bra & knickers & a couple of dresses.
Did you use any props and where did you source them from?
I bought a small bunch of roses from Woolworths & a nice necklace.
What was your initial reason for doing the shoot?
My initial reason was for a birthday present for my partner, but ended up being so much more than that.
How did the shoot meet your expectations?
Louise is the best photographer that I have ever had. My expectations were met over & beyond what I expected.
What was a memorable moment from the shoot?
How Louise makes you feel very at ease & comfortable & teaches you how to pose. Plus how confident & empowered I felt afterwards.
What did your partner think about the photos?
He is a big burly bloke & he got tears in his eyes at how amazing I looked & how artistic the photos were.
Would you do a similar type of shoot like this again in the future with Emotive Images?
Absolutely!!! I would love to do another shoot with Louise @ Emotive Images with my partner next time.
What was it like being in front of the camera doing this type of shoot?
At first I was nervous, but quickly got into the swing of things as Louise uses strategies to make you relax & be more natural.
What was your most favourite product that you purchased from Emotive Images during your ordering session?
The acrylic photo that I purchased for my partner & the box set.
What do you think that you will say about these photos in 5 or 10 years time?
That I am extremely glad that I chose Louise @ Emotive Images to do my shoot! She is an amazing photographer & person & my photos are timeless.
What surprised you the most about this photo shoot?
How different it was to any other photography session that I have had. Louise spent a lot of time with me before the shoot to help prepare me & to find out exactly what I was after.
What was your favourite photo out of the entire shoot?
The photo I chose for my partner, though there were so many other great photos.
glamour photography

Charmaine’s final glamour selections she chose to display in a gorgeous Portrait Image Box Collection!

glamour photography glamour photography glamour photography
glamour photography
The next few photos were taken in this longgggg hall way!  I love hall ways in client’s homes! 🙂
brisbane photographer glamour photography glamour photography glamour photography glamour photography glamour photography glamour photography glamour photography glamour photography glamour photography
These next two photos were taken in Charmaine’s lounge room with a really simple lighting setup.  But look at her rock that red dress!
glamour photography glamour photography
glamour photography glamour photography glamour photography glamour photography
This would have to be my most favourite photo of Charmaine!  It’s a completely different look again, compared to the photos above, but there is something so different in her facial expression.  This was one of the last photos of the day.  It’s as if in this very photograph, you can see her transformation shining through her.
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Charmaine’s final words on her Transformation Glamour Photo Shoot

I highly recommend Louise from “Emotive Images” She Rocks!! Louise brings the best out in everyone!! The most amazing thing for me was how she taught & showed me how to pose 🙂 I have never had a photographer do that for me before. Louise is a brilliant artist, photographer & the most loveliest person! I can’t believe how wonderful & confident I felt after the shoot! It was very empowering & I can’t thank Louise enough for what she has done for me. The whole experience is a memory that will stay with me forever xx