Transformation Video

Andrea came to me for a Transformation Portrait recently.  This very busy mother of four children and an astute business owner, wanted to be Transformed in some way.  So I brought together an awesome team of a very talented makeup artist, Zoe Tranter, and an amazing videographer, Richelle from Lumina Motion Pictures.  Together we created a very special type of magic, and I am so excited to share with you a video that Richelle from Lumina Motion Pictures created for me of the entire process with Andrea!

If we define the act of being Transformed…… 1. it is to change in form, appearance, or structure; metamorphose.  2. to change in condition, nature, or character; convert.  3. Electricity  –  to increase or decrease (the voltage and current characteristics of an alternating-current circuit),as by means of a transformer.

I don’t aim to transform my clients into something they are not.  I aim to enhance those attributes that they love about themselves and transform how they see themselves.

We definitely enhanced Andrea’s appearance and I am confident that she was transformed in some way within her sense of self……and as for electricity….once we got going with the shoot, you could definitely feel some sort of electricity in the room!  🙂  Andrea absolutely shined when she started to relax in front of the camera.


You come to me for a Transformation Portrait shoot, not sure what to expect, but wanting me to Transform You in some way.

We hire a Professional Makeup Artist who pampers you and highlights your physical beauty.

You are impressed as you see yourself in the mirror, and start to get a little bit excited about what you will look like in your photos.

We start photographing, and you freeze in front of the camera.  I tell you that everyone goes through this at the beginning of their shoot.

I tell you that the first 30 minutes is a “Whatever Zone” and we don’t have to capture any particular photos in this time!

You start to relax in front of the camera as we have a few laughs, and joke around.

As each frame of the camera takes a shot, you start to relax more and start to ‘be yourself’.

You start to Transform in front of my eyes.  You start to Embrace the process.  You start to Believe that you do look beautiful in front of the camera.

That shy, nervous woman starts to see what I saw all along…..

You asked me to “Transform Me”…… I did…….but all I had to do was give you the freedom to just be you!

I created a space, an atmosphere, that enabled you to Embrace how you Desire to be seen.

I reflected back to you your true inner beauty and sense of self.  I gave that beauty a visual context to shine through.

Transformation Portraits 


Transform Me from Lumina Motion Pictures on Vimeo.