A Glamour Photo Shoot and one antique chaise lounge

Look at what you can achieve with a willing subject, a beautiful antique chaise and 1 corner of my dining room!!!!!!!  This just shows anyone who is wanting a shoot in their home, but worried about space or backgrounds, that you can achieve anything! with a little bit of creative lighting and thinking!  Sianne was lovely to work with, a really lovely woman who was willing to try different things, even if they seemed a bit zany at first…..We ended up shooting for numerous hours, and were exhausted by the end of it.

Boudoir photography doesn’t have to be some scary process that women worry about being tacky or sleezy.  I am always respectful of my clients, supportive of their ideas, and I’m always keen to find just the right pose to highlight the person’s beauty and personality.  You do NOT have to be stick thin, supermodel status in order to do boudoir photography.  Many women do boudoir photography as a gift for their partner, and some even have a session to boost their confidence and to feel sexy and beautiful as a woman.  These sessions can often be quite empowering for women who feel like a goddess on the day, with hair and makeup done for them by a qualified makeup person.

Now, back to the photos!  I really cannot choose which photos are my favourites!  How gorgeous does Sianne look!  I love the quirky ones with the kingkong monkey 🙂 and I also love the beautiful, sexy images of Sianne lying down on the chaise.  I would love to hear what your favourites are!  Please comment!  I love comments 🙂