Glamour Photo Session invites your real inner self to shine through

I want to share with you a recent Glamour Transformation Portrait that I created with an amazing woman.  Makeup and Hair was done by the ever talented Zoe Tranter.  I have worked with Zoe for several years now, and her ability to draw out the absolute beauty of every woman we work with, always inspires me!

This gorgeous woman had the desire to collaborate with me to create something ‘beautiful’ and ‘graceful’, that truly reflected the ‘freedom’ she feels within her body.  This wasn’t a wedding present for her partner, or a celebration of losing weight and getting healthy, or celebrating overcoming a health challenge.  While all of those reasons are truly valid, and I have had the opportunity to work with women who have done this type of shoot for exactly those reasons…..for this particular photo shoot, it was about a celebration of the here and now in this woman’s life and focusing on empowering her on many levels.

I’m sure that you would agree with me, when you see the photos below, that this woman truly did “shine” in her photos.  There is a certain level of unspoken vulnerability in these photos that extends them beyond just beautiful.  They are epic.


In her own words, what her Glamour Transformation experience was all about!

Where was your glamour shoot done?

My home

What was the overall theme or style?


What outfits, shoes and jewellery/accessories did you wear? Any recommended suppliers?

Own dresses/shoes/jewellery

Did you use any props and where did you source them from?

Various fabrics from spotlight

What was your initial reason for doing the shoot?

Empowerment & celebrating me

How did the shoot meet your expectations?

Louise & Zoe did an amazing job. Very professional, creative & fun!

What was a memorable moment from the shoot?

The creative insight Louise had to get great shots in my house using lots of sunlight and shadows

What was it like being in front of the camera doing this type of shoot?

Fun, expressive, creative, glamorous

What was your most favourite product that you purchased from Emotive Images during your ordering session?

Boxed photos

What do you think that you will say about these photos in 5 or 10 years time?

I think the photos are timeless and I’ll still love them as much as I do today!

What surprised you the most about this photo shoot?

How quickly time went doing the shoot & how many different ideas/looks were captured

What was your favourite photo out of the entire shoot? (please choose one if you can)

Too hard to choose 1!!!!

Belinda’s final last words about her experience!
I couldn’t be more happier with the whole process. From conceptualizing the shoot, the hair & makeup, the creative insight during the shoot, and the ordering process were all done professionally & I loved every minute of it! Louise is amazing at what she does & made me feel at ease through the entire process. I’d recommend this type of shoot to anyone wanting to see their real inner self shine through!


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