“Transform Me” Giveaway Launch 2012


glamour photo giveaway

I have had the opportunity to photograph many women over the years.  I have photographed women who were getting married….women who have had children…..women who are single and celebrating their independence……women who are going through a divorce and wanting to break free…….women of all ages, shapes and heights…..I have photographed brunettes, blondes and red heads, and every shade in between! 🙂  And one thing strikes me each and every time….. That no matter who they are and whatever their personal story is…..every single woman has transformed during and after one of my shoots.  Most women begin the process feeling quite self-conscious, tentative and a touch nervous about the idea of a photo shoot.  It is normal to feel that way, especially when you are stepping out of your comfort zone.  But like any experience, as your confidence builds and you become more familiar with the process, it becomes easier and enjoyable.

In the words of one of my past clients…

I  never would have thought I could do something like this, but when I thought of what to get my future husband as a wedding gift I knew it had to be something special and something that would last for years. So when I found the Emotive Images website and spent days going through the amazing photos over and over again, I knew it was the perfect gift to give him and also for me!

My photo session with Louise was like nothing I had ever done before! It was so much fun and so exciting, and even when I was feeling nervous about my body, or worried that I was posing the wrong way, Louise was amazingly patient and understanding, even turning her camera around so I could see what she was capturing in that moment!

I felt so good about myself for weeks after the photo shoot and so proud of myself for doing something like that!
When I met with Louise again for my viewing I could not believe the incredible photos that I was looking at were actually me! I would never have imagined that I could look like that! It was so hard picking my favourites, but once again Louise was so patient while we sorted through them, and my husband loved his gift as much as I loved the whole experience.

I would absolutely recommend a Boudoir shoot with Louise to anyone even considering it -It will make you feel so good about yourself and give you something that will last forever!

So if you have been wanting to try one of these types of photo shoots for a while now, or if you have only just happened upon this blog post now, this is the perfect opportunity for you.  I am launching our brand new “Transformation Portraits”, which includes boudoir, glamour, classic portraiture and creative conceptual portraiture.  By combining my past 18 years of experience with understanding human nature through my work as a Psychologist, and my passion for the Arts since I was a child, I have a unique ability to create an experience for my clients that is both equally exciting and transformative.  My ideal clients are women who are not 100% confident with their bodies, who are keen to give something new a try and step out of their comfort zone, and are willing to give me creative scope during the photo shoot.  If you are one of these women, then read on…


To launch our “Transformation Portraits” I want to find 4 women who can be the faces of our “Transformation Portraits”.  I also want us to have lots of fun along the way.  So let’s get started so you know what you can do to be a part of the selection….




There are one of two offers that you can enter your name to be a part of:


GENERAL OFFER for up to 4 women:

Emotive Images is offering up to 4 photo sessions for 4 women.

You will receive a free Boudoir Photo Session and a complimentary 8″x12″ Art Print (valued at $285) if you book before Wednesday 27 June 2012!

You will be required to pay for hair and makeup services, as this is a service that is separate to Emotive Images and cannot be given away as part of this launch.

These 4 entrants will not be eligible for the Main Launch Giveaways.

The cost for Makeup and Hair averages around $150 for the shoot.

To be eligible for one of these sessions you must meet the following guidelines:

  • You must be over the age of 18 years.
  • This launch is only open to Brisbane residents.
  • You MUST be available for your photo shoot in the next 4 weeks, and be fairly flexible with times either on a weekday or weekend.


MAIN LAUNCH OFFER for 4 women:

4 women will be chosen, to be the faces of Transformation Portraits for Emotive Images.

As an added pampering bonus, these 4 women will also receive complimentary makeup and hair from a professional Makeup Artist on the day of the shoot.

To be selected for this offer, you must agree to the following terms:

  • You must be over the age of 18 years.
  • This launch is only open to Brisbane residents.
  • You MUST be available for your photo shoot in the next 3 to 4 weeks, and be reasonably flexible with times either on a weekday or weekend.  We will give you plenty of notice for planning your day around the consultation and shoot.
  • VERY IMPORTANT:  You will be asked to sign a model release allowing Emotive Images and each of the additional suppliers who are a part of this launch to be able to use your images in marketing materials and online.  You will also be included in a marketing video that will be created, covering each aspect of your interaction with Emotive Images.  We will work collaboratively with you to utilise images and video excerpts that best represent you, however we will have the final say in production.


  YOUR ENTRY (please read carefully):

  1. To enter you must send an email to transform@emotiveimages.com.au with your NameContact NumberYour Address, and the best times for you to do a photo shoot at your home (ie. during school hours, weekends etc).
  2. VERY IMPORTANT:  IN YOUR EMAIL you must also state whether you would be willing to be part of a Marketing Video that we will be creating with the Main Launch Offer entrants.  You can choose not to be a part of these videos, however, please note that this will limit your inclusion to just the General Offer.
  3. IN YOUR EMAIL include a most recent photo of yourself that is appropriate for us to share on our website.
  4. IN YOUR EMAIL you must also include a STATEMENT of 50 words or less.  Tell us why you want your own Transformation Portrait with Emotive Images.  We want to hear your story.  Tell us your ideas for the shoot (ie. clothing, props, jewellery).  The more interesting detail you can give us the better.  We want you to show interest in the styling of the shoot and creating something that is unique to you!
  • Emotive Images will choose the final entrants for both the General and Main Launch Offers.  All decisions will be final.
  • The session fee and art print valued at $285 cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • If you haven’t been chosen to be in the Main Launch Offer, you will still be able compete with votes after your photo shoot to receive a complimentary 16″x24″ Wall Art print (matted only, excludes framing) valued at $695.00 from Emotive Images!  This is strictly limited to those 4 women who are NOT part of the Main Launch Offer.
  • You must use your full name when entering comments below etc, otherwise your entry and votes won’t count.




  • Out of the final 4 Main Launch entrants, the one who collects the most number of votes for their 1 image will be awarded a gorgeous Couture Suite Box that holds 25 photos and retails for $3500!!!
  • glamour photo collection

This Couture Suite Box has been kindly supplied by Photo Mounts & Albums.

‘Photo Mounts’ products are manufactured in Brisbane, Queensland by a specialised and skilled team.

These hand-crafted albums and boxes are designed to be proudly displayed in your home whilst enhancing your individual home décor.

The woman with the 2nd highest number of votes will be awarded a 20cmx30cm Statement Tile, that is valued at $450!!

glamour photo tiles

Many thanks to Brilliant Prints for supplying this Giveaway for us to award to the runner up!

  • The woman with the 3rd highest number of votes will be awarded a $100 Gift Certificate from Pink Blush Boutique and Beauty, which includes a 1/2 hour Facial and a Mini Pedicure.  They will also receive a $50 Gift Certificate from Floral Fantasies, to be used in-store and exludes Interflora.  (Both must be claimed within 3 months)
  • The woman with the lowest number of votes will be awarded a $50 Gift Certificate from Miss Em’s.  (Must be claimed within 3 months)
  • All 4 finalists will also receive a gorgeous little goodie bag/gift pack filled with mini essentials and a generous discount voucher to be redeemed at your liesure, from Kate Fide – Makeup Artist.


As a SUMMARY, here is what you need to do to enter:

  • Both Steps 1 and 2 are required by entrants.  Step 3 is optional, however, it is a great way to get our attention!
  • You have until Wednesday 27th June 2012 to complete these 3 Steps!

1st STEP – Required of all entrants

Send an email to transform@emotiveimages.com.au with all details required as mentioned above.

Leave ONE comment below to say that Step 1 is now complete.

This must be completed by Wednesday 27th June 2012!!!


2nd STEP – Required of all entrants

You must like each of the businesses listed below.  You do not need to visit each page, you only need to click on the LIKE buttons on this page.  Each business is a vital part of this launch and the great giveaways we are offering wouldn’t be possible without their support.

Leave ONE comment below to say that Step 2 is now complete.

This must be completed by Wednesday 27th June 2012.


3rd STEP – Optional for all entrants as a way of getting our attention!

Download this pdf, print it out and take a photo of yourself with it in the photo.

You can be as creative as you like.  Remember this is about getting our attention and showing an interest in being involved in one of these photo shoots.  Once you have taken the photo, upload it to facebook with a link to http://www.emotiveimages.com.au.

Leave ONE comment below to say that Step 3 is now complete.

This must be completed by Wednesday 27th June 2012.





Emotive Images – Multi Award Winning Boudoir and Wedding Photographer in Brisbane.



Lumina Motion Pictures

Creative, fun and relaxed, Richelle from Lumina Motion Pictures brings a unique female perspective to her craft of producing bright, fresh wedding films. Working together with husband, Shane, Lumina Motion Pictures produce wedding films that capture the emotion and essence of your wedding day.  Allowing the day to unfold naturally allows us to discover the story of not just the wedding day but all the little stories that make up our couples and their lives together.

When the opportunity to work with Louise from Emotive Images came up Richelle jumped at the chance.  As a big fan of Louise’s work and having the unique relationship of filming Louise’s wedding it is a wonderful opportunity for two wedding professionals to collaborate on a creative project.


Pink Blush Boutique & Beauty


Floral Fantasies



Miss Em’s Petticoat’s Parlour



Kate Fide – Make Up Artist



Kelly Weaver – Makeup Up Artist