Finding the Beautiful Woman Inside

“I wanted to find me again…there’s a person in there that loves to have fun, she’s been hiding for many years!” – Sharon on ‘Finding Me’

Who is Beautiful?

Only 2% of women around the world (according to 2004 stats) choose ‘beautiful’ to describe their looks? Are you one of them? Or, are you part of 56% who commonly use words such as ‘average’ or ‘natural’ to describe themselves?  In which case, you are not alone.  Because, as women, we consistently play down our physical appearance.  It is going to take a revolution of sorts to change those types of statistics around.

What is Beautiful?

BEAUTIFUL is the woman who forgets for a moment about what others might think of her. There’s that slight upturn in her mouth and you can feel the self-confidence and the smiling from within.

There is BEAUTY in the woman who closes her eyes for a split second, breathes rhythmically, as you see her chest peacefully rise and fall.

BEAUTIFUL is the woman who lets herself freely go, moving her hips and shoulders, stepping up onto her tip toes and swaying to the beat of the music.

THAT right there is BEAUTIFUL.

My Wish

My wish is for all women to FEEL beautiful. It’s my mission to change the woman mindset and let them experience BEING beautiful in front of a camera lens. This is why I create visual prompts that remind women of who they are inside. The REAL self.  I want every woman to realise her full potential and to embrace the very real fact that we are all beautiful.  And I’m not talking ‘beautiful’ in the realm of magazine covers, and models with completely unrealistic body shapes.  I’m referring to the broader sense of beauty.

You are Beautiful

Judge your own beauty, not on the very narrow ‘definition’ posed by the (very well marketed) Beauty Industry.  Base your own impressions of your own beauty on how much you engage with life, how much you breathe in passion and how much you connect with others.

It’s on this fact that the clients I work with are the most BEAUTIFUL women I know!

Finding Sharon

Sharon is no exception.  She wanted to find the old ‘Shazza’. The one who had been hiding for way too many years. So we did that and everything changed for her. It’s about finding yourself.


finding mefinding mefinding me

Sharon initially felt anxious, and fear of being static and too “posey” in front of the camera.

She said “I was not comfortable in my skin so I wasn’t sure how I could create beautiful images.”

finding mefinding mefinding mefinding mefinding mefinding mefinding me

“I was most surprised about the fun I had! After that initial 30 minutes of “working out” how to move and hold myself it was fun…specially the James Dean bit :)”

finding mefinding mefinding mefinding me

“It felt very awkward at first. I had memories of a LONG ago wedding and smiling, and smiling, and smiling…this was nothing like that.”

“The posing felt really odd at first but it very quickly became second nature, I was remembering what to do before Louise reminded me.”

finding mefinding mefinding me

“The biggest thing I learnt was that I am still in there!”
One thing Louise said to me was…. “I wish I could bottle that feeling you have after the shoot!” I keep hold of that feeling, it’s a euphoria, a feeling of having had a lot of fun and felt really good about it.”

finding mefinding mefinding mefinding me

“Louise was wonderful to work with. She made me feel very relaxed, we laughed and joked…and I felt no pressure to “perform” as a model. We had a lot of laughs, and a great 3 hours.”

finding mefinding mefinding me

“To those people who are concerned about giving something like this a try – I would say, just give it a go!”

“I know for my height, bone structure and health that I am carrying too much weight, I feel it round my middle…as all women do. BUT, just look at my photos! I look like a real woman…I have curves, and bumps but damn they’re good photos!”

finding mefinding me

“The entire transformation experience was pure magic. It made me feel alive, made me feel beautiful, made me see that cheeky Shazz is STILL in there, I have to stop locking her away and let her have free reign.”

“The photos will be life long memories for me, and they will form a solid part of my family history (I’m a Genealogist).  I will always have these gorgeous pictures, and the memory of the fun I had with Louise!  Thank you!”