Facilitating Transformation

Facilitating Transformation within the constructs of self-image and self-love has a positive effect on changing our life story that we tell ourselves, in addition to changing how we show ourselves to the world, how we continue to ‘see’ ourselves and how we witness our most valuable qualities reflected back to us by the healthy relationships around us. The change around personal self-image and self-love requires deep, vibrant work that challenges us to change our personal life story, and find new words that are golden, nourishing and sacred to us.


Close your eyes,

Breathe deeply….and again…

Ground yourself in the moment,

hear the sounds around the room,

notice the feeling of your feet on the ground,

Visualise a moment when  you felt your most confident,

A moment when you felt so proud of yourself.

Sit with that for a moment.

Really see that moment in time.

Another deep breath…

On three, I want you to open your eyes,

Show just through your eyes and your mouth,

how that moment feels to you…


Two… and


An suddenly your most beautiful, confident, vibrant self steps forward…