Exist In Photos

Exist in Photos…

Cathy had a large gap in her life where no photos of her existed. No Birthdays (her or her sons), no family get together s and not even Cathy’s son’s Naming day. A year ago she was was 150kgs and she was hiding. Then she decided to transform her life and her body.  Cathy had her photos taken exactly a year to the day after her original “before” shots so the day itself was packed with meaning…..thus why the session was dubbed ‘Exist in Photos’.

Cathy’s Realization…

The thought process before the photo session went something like this:
“Yay! Photos of me!!!!!!!!!”
 “Of me?”
“Really? Of me????????????”
“Just me?”
“Do I have to wear my knickers?”
“Who do I want to be?”
“I want paper costumes”
“You just want me to be…. myself?????”
“I want to be Marlene Dietrich”
“Okay, getting a little frightened.”
“Does this mean I’m up myself?”
“Nope, don’t wanna do it.”
“Definitely not.”
“What was I thinking?”
“But I’d really like to…”
“But I’m scared…”
“But I’d really like to…”
“But I’m scared…”
“I want to feel beautiful…”
“But I’m scared…”
“But I’d really like to…”
“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”
“Okay…. doing it”.


“It’s all about the experience. The photos are just incredible!!! But that day I spent with Louise is what I will treasure most. I walked away feeling empowered and beautiful.”

“I got to be Krystal Carrington, Toni Basil, the Mona Lisa, a Stripper, a Tree Nymph and some king of Water Type Goddess.  But, when it came down to it – I was just getting to explore different parts of me.”


“When Louise got there I just relaxed, she was the photographer and she was in charge. I just had to trust her and to keep playing!”
“I had a ball! I played dress ups, I sang, I danced and I thought about Johnny Depp 🙂  Who could want more!”

“I learnt that I don’t have to decide who I am, because I am so many more things than I could ever imagine.”



“Louise was wonderful. She seemed to know exactly what I needed at the right time. When I was frightened she comforted me, when I was playful she danced with me. Louise creates a space where you can explore who you really are.”


“To anyone thinking about doing this themselves, I would say – just: Celebrate Yourself! It doesn’t matter if you are old, young, big, small…. Celebrate how incredible you are.”