Costume play with James Bond theme

Costume Play with James Bond

This is the third part of a series of articles showing the transformation of Alan as he explores costume play and embracing the character of ‘James Bond’.

Faye bought the gift as a 50th birthday birthday present for Alan, celebrating him as a husband. She hinted Alan loved all things James Bond. Thus, I went about creating a gift certificate which had the James Bond theme interwoven into its design

It is not often we get to photograph men like this. But it was an invitation for Alan to submerge himself into the fantasy of something he really loves.  What a gift for him.

Using Costume Play in Photographs…

For centuries, pockets of society have embraced the fun, role-playing of costume play. Or we often call it Cosplay now.  The options are endless and only limited by our imagination.

We are inspired by superhero figures, pop culture, icons and different archetypes that fascinate us.

The power of play is well established in research, and yet as adults we shy away from the idea for whatever reasons. However, I find that people find a part of themselves they never knew they had, once they are stripped of their inhibitions. This translates into an enjoyable experience for them.

Part of the journey I take my photography clients through is exploring what fascinates them. I then see how I can inject these passions so people are experiencing them right in front of the camera lens.
Costume play

Costume play

Costume play Costume play

“It was a fun shoot, aimed at capturing a “James Bond” theme, and telling a story.”

Costume play

Costume play Costume play Costume play Costume play Costume play Costume play

“The photoshoot with Louise, as has always been our experience, was fantastic. You have to trust Louise, as she uses a non traditional approach, but the photos capture emotion very well and certainly manage to tell a story and leave a legacy!”

Costume play