Celebrating ME – A Brisbane Woman’s Story of Empowerment

A milestone for celebrating like nothing else you have ever experienced!!  That is why a lot of my clients choose to book a Transformation Portrait shoot.

My clients transform during the whole discovery process of these transformation portrait shoots, in ways that I find difficult to explain.

Most people are usually pretty shocked about how much goes into my photo shoots.  They come to an initial meeting with me expecting to have a small chat about some ideas, draft up some concepts, have a few giggles at the thought of doing something so bold, and then we do the photo shoot over a couple of hours and we are done.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The absolute whole-hearted truth is that these photo shoots are extraordinary.

I spend a good amount of time on the phone to my clients initially, sounding out their concerns and identifying what they truly want from a session, and clarifying whether I am the best person for what they are seeking.

Then the initial planning session is a complete Discovery session around who you are, how you have felt in front of the camera in the past, how you want to be seen in the photos we will be taking, and what is the ultimate feeling that you want to feel when seeing the photos.  There is a lot of depth, consideration, and even reverence given to the sacred space of this initial planning session, and it sets the tone for the entire process that my clients experience.

After a meeting with me, I create a secret personalised Facebook group page that only you and I can see, and here is where we brainstorm further and expand upon the ideas that were brought up in the discovery session.  Eventually by the time we reach the photo shoot stage, we have not only been talking about the ideas for the shoot, but also identifying music that goes with the ideas, colours, textures, inspiring artwork, and have been chatting about HOW your photos are going to be seen and viewed by yourself and if you choose by others.

The photo shoot itself is deliberately constructed to create a sacred space that allows for the process I follow to take place.  We take away the distractions of the world, turn that music up loud, and get that diaphragm moving with some pretty intense giggles. 🙂  The entire journey leads up to something pretty damn amazing, and I am always so truly blessed to be able to share that journey with my clients, including Belinda who recently did a photo shoot for herself, just because she totally rocks and she wanted to gift herself a photo shoot session.  Here are some more photos from her amazing photo session!

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