Choosing a photographer who empowers women

There is no denying that there are many photographers out in the Australian market nowadays to choose from.  Many are just starting out and learning the basics, some have been working with their cameras for several years, and then there are those who are Masters of Photography and have been a photographer for decades.  Equally the same could be said for those photographers who are now in business.  Many new photography businesses are starting out, while others have been around for years, and then there are some who have been within the industry as a resilient business for many decades.  As a consumer it can be pretty difficult to navigate the multitude of photographers out there to choose from.  When searching for a photographer to commission for a photo shoot, there is so much more to look for in a photographer, other than whether they have a camera, are in business and are charging the right price for your budget.  If you choose based on those three qualities alone, then you are opening yourself up to a multitude of potential problems.  Have a think about it for a moment.  When you are choosing a new doctor to care for your family, a new restaurant to eat at, or a new electrician to fix the wiring in your house…….do you choose one based ONLY on whether they have all of the equipment required to do their job, whether they have a registered business and whether they offer the right price for your budget?  Most people would agree that those three things need to be a consideration and almost all have to be a requirement.  But when I am going to choose one of those three new businesses, I am also looking for reputation or word of mouth, professionalism and experience, and their customer service.  I would much rather ‘pay extra or drive further or wait longer’ for a doctor who treats myself and my family properly and is highly skilled at what they do.  Same goes for a restaurant….I would ‘pay extra, drive further or wait longer’ if it meant that I would receive THE best meal I could get, and really enjoy eating it.  And so forth for an electrician…

The same goes for photography.  Yes, it isn’t something vital like medicine or electrical work, but it is a visual record of you and your family that lasts much longer than a great meal at your favourite restaurant 😉  If I was hiring a photography business to photograph my family or myself, then I would much rather ‘pay extra, drive further, or wait longer’, just so I could hire a photography business who would produce images that I would be proud of, who would have the experience to be able to produce images that quite accurately represent me, and bring out my best qualities.  I would want to be able to rave about my images, display them proudly, and have the whole experience work towards reinforcing my best image of myself for my self-confidence and my concept of myself.  I am sure that there are some photographers out there who could produce those images for me, and at a really low price.  But notice I said photographers and not businesses.  If it is a photographer IN business who I want to photograph myself and my family, then typically any business that is aware of ALL of their costs and working to create a sustainable business that pays their home bills and puts food on the table, will need me to invest more in my photography experience to cover all of that.

Transformation Portraits, Glamour Photography and Boudoir Photography requires those qualities mentioned above even moreso than any other field of photography.  When you commission a photography business to take photos of yourself in this genre of photography, there is a strong element of vulnerability and responsibility that needs to be considered quite strongly.  Ultimately a Women’s Photographer is working with a woman’s sense of self, her own body image, her confidence and her inner concept of how she sees herself in this world.  This is not something to approach lightly as a Women’s Photographer.  I take the position quite seriously.  Despite the laughter and fun we have at our Transformation Portrait shoots, I am always sensitive and aware of any situations that might impact on my female clients, particularly when they are posing in front of the camera in a way that is totally out of their comfort zone.  There is always a strong sense of respect that I have for my clients and for the entire Transformation Process.  And that is why many clients will ‘pay extra, drive further and wait for longer’, just so that they can have that sort of experience with myself.  Yes, I tick the boxes of owning a camera (well several in fact), and I am a registered business.  I am not always the right price for everyone’s budget, but my clients are investing more because of my reputation to be able to create gorgeous images of them in a respectful manner, I always act professionally and I have a vast amount of experience behind me in order to be able to create what I do for my clients, and I provide ongoing and respectful customer service.  I offer an experience that is both unique, professional and completely genuine.