Sexy Boudoir Shoot as a gift to yourself

When Julie approached me about having her very own Le Chic Boudoir session, I was not only excited but also felt very honoured!  Julie is a fellow photographer in Brisbane, and a very talented one at that!  To say that I didn’t feel the pressure was an understatement lol  It is always, initially at least, a little nerve racking photographing a fellow photographer!  But as soon as we got started on the day of the shoot we had so much fun, lots of laughter, chatting, and of course different opportunities to dress up and try different themes.  One of my ever so talented Hair and Makeup Artists, Kate Fide, helped out with hair, makeup and ideas!

One thing that I love doing with my boudoir shoots is introducing a woman’s personality and interests into the theme and layout of the shoot.  Julie has beautiful birds as her pets, so I wanted to include them somehow.  Well…….the adage “don’t work with children or small animals” is so far from the truth here.  Julie’s baby girl posed so eloquently for the camera!  I am not really sure who was upstaging who by the end of the shoot lol

Julie was doing this shoot as a birthday present to herself.  I have had a number of clients book me as a present to themselves.  While it is wonderful to do this type of photo shoot as a present to your partner, many of my clients have commented about how this was just as much a present to themselves!!!!  I think that this is a wonderful idea for a present to yourself, and more power to you!!!  Emotive’s Sexy and Vibrant Boudoir Ladies!!!!

Ms “Julie” just came to see her photos today and was so excited about sharing them.  I could wait and had to blog them today!  Looking forward to creating a beautiful Session Album for you, Julie!


This image below always makes me smile.  It really encapsulates Ms “Julie” and her fun personality!



Many times when I ask my clients to try a certain pose, it is because I can ‘see’ something that I will be able to create with the image later on…..this is a perfect example of one of those times!  I just love this photo.


Ms “Julie” reminds me of a Grecian woman here, with the pose and the treatment given to the image in post-processing.



This would have to be my absolute favourite image from the shoot.  The way that her back and hair looks, along with the inquisitive look that her bird is giving me… just works for me….