Boudoir Shoot as wedding day gift

Bec approached me a few months ago to organise boudoir photos as a gift for her soon to be husband.  Erin Bigg was our makeup and hair stylist for the morning shoot.  We had such a fun time at this shoot.  As soon as I walked into Bec’s kitchen I knew I had to use one of her kitchen utensils as a prop 🙂  Further down you will see photos taken with a large red heart object.  This was, in fact, a knife holder, and was the BEST prop for us to utilise!  I love walking into my clients’ homes and becoming inspired to use whatever backdrops and props they have available.  It gives a much more personal touch to the photographs and allows us to really push the boundaries of what we can achieve.  I also adored a sensual painting that Bec had on her wall and knew that we had to use it somehow in the shoot.  Erin’s makeup and hair was as gorgeous as ever!  Bec did such a wonderful job at her photo shoot.  Initially, she was having the photos done for her hubby-to-be, but she quickly realised that the shoot was every bit a present to herself as it was to her partner.  The entire shoot makes you feel absolutely beautiful, pampered in every way.  Bec was married to her partner a few weeks ago, and I can finally reveal her photos from the shoot.  I was excited to hear soon after the wedding day that her husband was absolutely thrilled with the photos.

Testimonial from Bec about her wedding gift

Bec has also written about her experience with this shoot, which I am so pleased to be able to share with you:

“I never would have thought I could do something like this, but when I thought of what to get my future husband as a wedding gift I knew it had to be something special and something that would last for years. So when I found the Emotive Images website and spent days going through the amazing photos over and over again, I knew it was the perfect gift to give him and also for me!

My photo session with Louise was like nothing I had ever done before! It was so much fun and so exciting, and even when I was feeling nervous about my body, or worried that I was posing the wrong way, Louise was amazingly patient and understanding, even turning her camera around so I could see what she was capturing in that moment!

I felt so good about myself for weeks after the photo shoot and so proud of myself for doing something like that!

When I met with Louise again for my viewing I could not believe the incredible photos that I was looking at were actually me! I would never have imagined that I could look like that! It was so hard picking my favourites, but once again Louise was so patient while we sorted through them, and my husband loved his gift as much as I loved the whole experience.

I would absolutely recommend a Boudoir shoot with Louise to anyone even considering it – It will make you feel so good about yourself and give you something that will last forever!”


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