Boudoir Portrait to surprise your fiance

Can I just start out by saying how lucky I am to have such wonderful clients who trust me explicitly.  Trust is such an important part of Boudoir Photography.  Without it you can see all over a person’s face just how uncomfortable they really are.  I just love being able to help a woman feel good about her body, in a relaxed and classy way, and to treat her like a supermodel for a day!  Ms “K” was no exception.  She originally approached me to do a boudoir shoot as a present for her soon to be husband.  However, she quickly realised that it was as much a present for herself as it was for him.  You will also see a surprise appearance of an “I {heart} Edward” T-shirt.  Ms “K” is now happily married, so it is my absolute pleasure to be able to share with you some of her images from her shoot.  How absolutely beautiful does she look?

If you would like to gift yourself a shoot like this, then don’t hesitate to contact me!