Boudoir Photography to wow your fiance

Ms “J” came to me with the intention of creating some classy, beautiful boudoir photos to give to her husband on their wedding day.  Ms “J” didn’t believe me initially when I said that we could take the photos IN her unit.  I was informed that her unit was tiny and there were not a lot of ‘good places’ to have photos taken.  I assured her that she would be surprised with what we could achieve in such a small space.  Ms “J” and I met several times before her photo shoot, to discuss her ideas for outfits and to view images that she found inspirational for her own photo shoot.  We offer Professional Makeup and Hair services for all of our boudoir clients.  Ms “J” looked stunning with her choice of outfits, her makeup and the cute hair styles that her and the makeup artist decided upon.  I am so very excited to be able to show you these photos!  I haven’t blogged them before now, as I wanted to keep this a secret for Ms “J”, before she showed her fiance the photos on the morning of their wedding day.  Ms “J” was literally blown away when she saw these at her photo viewing session.

One thing I will say before you see the photos.  Some people say to me “but aren’t all those people on photographers’ websites mostly models?”.  Ms “J” is NOT a professional model, she is a true blue dinky dye Australian woman.  Just like you and me 😉  Which makes these photos even more inspiring!  I won’t say anymore, as I think that the photos speak for themselves! 😉



















A bit of fun!  Ms “J”s fiance is a keen playstation fan…..tell me……would this distract him from the playstation? or encourage more playstation? lol


Here is a slideshow of the Boudoir shoot, as there are just too many to show individually here 🙂

Didn’t she do well?  I mean, how amazingly beautiful and needless to say HOT is she in these photos!  Ms “J” I hope that your fiance loved his present on your wedding day!

If you would like to experience your own Le Chic Boudoir photo session, then give us the opportunity to pamper you and make you feel beautiful.

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