Boudoir Photos as a present to your Fiance

Mrs K contacted me some time ago to plan her very own Emotive Boudoir photo session, as a present to her fiance on their wedding day.  Mrs K gave herself plenty of time to plan and prepare for her photo shoot, which is so important when you are hiring a professional photographer, especially for this type of shoot.  I spend a great deal of time with my clients, answering their questions, and giving them ideas about how we can style the shoot to suit them.  It is important to give yourself the time to prepare for this shoot, so you can have the full experience of an Emotive Boudoir shoot.

I love to use the different spaces in a person’s home.  You will be surprised what you can do with a simple red rug, a set of stairs in a hallway and even just a bedroom.  I also aim to use as many props as possible that are relevant to my clients and can usually be sourced from their home.  The aim for Mrs K’s shoot was to produce a variety of both soft and relaxed images, and strong and sexy images that capture exactly who she is as a woman and the interests that she shares with her fiance (now hubby).  Mrs K totally rocked this shoot!  We had the best day photographing at her home, music blaring, giggles and laughter filling the house, all while her fiance was out and about totally distracted for the day by his mates 🙂

Erin Bigg was the makeup artist and hair stylist on this shoot.  Erin is so good at what she does!  She is relaxed, professional and keen to pamper our clients as they are getting ready for the photo shoot.  Mrs K’s nerves melted away as she looked in the mirror after Erin had worked her magic, and saw just how gorgeous she is!

Last week Mrs K picked up her gorgeous Portrait Suite, with an album and matted images inside, just in time for her wedding on the weekend.  I am yet to hear what her hubby thought of his gift, as they are on their honeymoon at the moment, but I can be pretty much certain that he would have been ecstatic!!!  Congratulations Mrs K!  See you soon!

Louise xx