Boudoir photos to delight your groom

Ms “L” came to me wanting some photos to gift to her fiance on the morning of their wedding day.  I just love this idea for a wedding present, because it is very personalised, and you get to see an absolutely shocked and delighted look on the groom’s face 🙂 🙂 🙂  However, these sessions become even more for my female clients.  They are an opportunity, potentially the only time, that they gift to themselves a pampering session that allows them to feel like a supermodel for a day!  They start to realise that the session was also an empowering experience for them, seeing themselves from a different perspective – a beautiful perspective.  Take a look at Ms “L”s images……isn’t she beautiful?!!?!  What a stunner!  Can’t wait to see her hubby’s look on his face! 🙂

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One of my absolute favourites above and below…