Boudoir Photos as a Wedding Gift

Mrs R approached me earlier in the year to have photos taken for a wedding gift to her new hubby!  She had given herself plenty of time for planning the shoot, and being able to order products that she really wanted!  I always strongly recommend that my clients give at least 2 months for the entire process.  Allowing a few weeks for planning really gives you time to think about the types of outfits that you will wear, time to purchase items for the shoot, and time to think about accessories and props.  We also spend a certain amount of time talking about the theme of your shoot, what backdrops you have in your home and what lighting is available.  I absolutely love photographing in a client’s home.  I do not use a studio, so there is no ‘cookie-cutter’ experiences with me! 🙂  Everything is unique.  The location can be unpredictable, as I have never been there before. 🙂  But I absolutely adore the simplicity and individuality of a client’s home.  You would be surprised what you can achieve with only a limited space.  In the past, I have had to work within a 2mx2m space with just a blank white wall.  The customised nature of a professional photo shoot with Emotive Images means that I embrace everything that your home has to offer with regards to backdrops and props.  I bring together everything that is present on the day and produce something that is personalised and exclusive to you, your personality and your curves.

Louise Brown was the makeup artist and hair stylist for this shoot.  It was pretty cool having 2 Louise’s on site.  Lots of giggles and chats, helped calm Mrs R’s initial nerves.  By the end of the shoot it was noticeable how relaxed she then was with the process.

A few weeks ago, Mrs R collected her gorgeous Keepsake Collection box with 20 images inside, all matted and protected, as well as her large wall print!  From what I heard, her husband was thrilled with his present!  I know that this photo shoot was initially intended for Mrs R to give a present to her husband, but it ended up being much more than that for herself!  I absolutely love what these sessions do for my female clients!  Now that Mrs R is married and her hubby has his gorgeous present, I am finally able to show you some images from the photo shoot!

Louise xx