Interstate Boudoir Client

Ms “S” commissioned a Le Chic Boudoir Photography Session with Emotive Images a few months ago, as a present to her fiance on the day of their wedding day.  Ms “S” found Emotive Images when she was searching for a Boudoir Photographer in Sydney.  Ms “S” caught a plane to Brisbane twice to have her photography session, and then to see her photos.  This woman had the most amazing eyes!  I love focusing on eyes, they can show so much about the person and how they are feeling.  Ms “S” had her hair and makeup done by Erin Bigg, makeup artist in Brisbane.  Because she was from Sydney and it was a surprise to her hubby-to-be, we had to be discrete with a location.  We ended up shuffling around our home studio, to create a comfortable space for Ms “S” to produce the images she wanted.  All of these images were achieved within a small dining room space, and a metallic painted wall.  The photos speak for themselves about how easy it is to create a ‘studio space’ in the comfort of your own home.  Check out the photos, I am sure that you will agree, Ms “S” was hot hot hot!  Such a beautiful woman, and she looked just as beautiful on her wedding day!  If you would like to have your own Le Chic Boudoir Photography Session, then contact our studio.



The fiance was a keen basketball fan, so why not bring the theme into the shoot 😉


LOVE LOVE this one also….kind of marilyn monroe-ish…






These last three are absolutely my top favourites, and if you would like to see them properly, then you will have to come to my studio (hehe)….I have faded them out a fair bit here, to give you an idea of the images, but if you want to see more, then you will have to come and visit me 🙂