“At a Crossroads”

Moving through the crossroads.

Alicia was at a bit of a crossroads with her first marriage ending when she came to me. The photo shoot proved to be the perfect way for her to get through. It was Alicia’s way of saying…”this is the real Alicia and she’s here to stay!’.

I knew Alicia  wanted to embrace her changing circumstances and release some inhibitions. She was also keen to embrace her inner celebrity!! It was really important that Alicia had fun with some terrific photos to have at the end. She certainly achieved that.

In Alicia’s words….

I loved the way that Louise really makes you think about who you are and what you want to represent in the photos. Had to do a bit of soul searching, but it was a great experience for me and something that I really needed. It was really the most fun. SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!  I loved being in front of the camera. The first 10-15 minutes was a bit intimidating. But once I let go of my inhibitions, i just played up to the camera. The biggest thing that I learnt was that it doesn’t matter what people think. I’m very very hard on myself and have very high expectations of me. However, I learnt to let go of this during my shoot. After seeing the photos I was like “you are awesome Alicia, and you deserve awesome things in life.’ It was my reality check. Peoples opinions don’t matter as long as I’m happy.



Transformation_121019_Alicia_003 Transformation_121019_Alicia_004

“Louise rocks….oh my goodness!! She’s hilarious…I completely relaxed with her the moment I met her. She really embraces who you are as a person and works with that. No judgements at all. She only wants you to have fun and step out of your comfort zone to find the real you.”

“To anyone who is finding reasons as to why they can’t do the photo session themselves…Get over it!!!!!!! We all have our insecurities as women…..this is the best way to get over them. Trust me. I have plenty of insecurities that I brought with me to the day…..pretty sure I didn’t like one of the photos Louise showed me because my knee looked funny!! haha!!!

Louise genuinely makes you feel beautiful and worthy enough to be in front of the camera and posing like a supermodel.  We are all beautiful to someone why not find this beauty for yourself by doing a transformation session!” Alicia


Transformation_121019_Alicia_012 Transformation_121019_Alicia_016 Transformation_121019_Alicia_018 Transformation_121019_Alicia_019 Transformation_121019_Alicia_021B Transformation_121019_Alicia_031 Transformation_121019_Alicia_033 Transformation_121019_Alicia_035 Transformation_121019_Alicia_037

“My transformation shoot was exactly what I needed. I needed to find the real Alicia again and start embracing her. This really was the best way for me to do this. I could be me without others judging me or my crazy photo ideas (yes…I did a Britney Spears inspired photo hahaha!)….they captured me then, now and who I want to be in the future.”

“Louise was incredible at understanding where I was at in life and what I needed from the shoot. She embraced this with me and this made it easier for me to relax on the day. My ideas combined with hers truly made for a perfect photo shoot that represented me. She was so patient in putting up with my silly moments in front of the camera. I’m sure there is a whole gag reel of me pulling stupid faces!!!”

“I can’t recommend doing a Transformation Shoot enough. It was really the most fun i’ve had in such a long time. I felt amazing at the end of the day and felt like I could truly embrace life as ME now. The photos blew me away….couldn’t believe they were me!!!! This is exactly what I wanted.  Treat yourself or a friend to this amazing experience. YOU can do it…you are beautiful and you deserve it!!”


Transformation_121019_Alicia_040B Transformation_121019_Alicia_042 Transformation_121019_Alicia_045 Transformation_121019_Alicia_046BW Transformation_121019_Alicia_048 Transformation_121019_Alicia_051 Transformation_121019_Alicia_052 Transformation_121019_Alicia_053