For women or men who are desperately wanting to reconnect with who they were before the world told them differently.

For the person who has gone through a huge change in their life and needs to be celebrated.

For the person who feels like they are invisible, and yet they have so much within them that is craving to be SEEN by another.

For the person who does everything for others around them, and yet they leave themselves til last.


This is my invitation to you...

step up

be bold

be daring

unmask who you really are!


I can guarantee that by the end of this Transformation Experience...

YOU will be empowered and rejuvenated...

WE will find the real you...

YOU will begin to believe in yourself again...


WE will have lots of fun and laughter...

The space will be held for you to be able to open up, discover new things about yourself, rediscover parts of you that you have hidden from the world, and you will have the opportunity to be bold, daring and uniquely you.

Find out if you are ready for a Transformation, by scheduling a confidential 15minute call with Louise Williams using the button below.

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Transforming the "Everyday" into "Glamorous"

The Transformation Process

  • Collaboration and Consultation before your Photographic Experience
  • Clarifying how you truly want to be SEEN in your photographics
  • Celebrating what you love and how you define beauty through your own eyes
  • Guidance through the entire process, from start to finish
  • A complete empowering, pampering experience
  • Professional Quality, Locally made Photographic Products to choose from


Glamour Photography

Discovery Session & Booking

Some women contact me wanting to do a shoot and have the photos within a week or two of their initial phone call.  To give enough energy to the planning process, so that the photo shoot meets all of your needs and wishes, we would usually need to meet at least a month from your initial phone call or email, to the point when you require your order to be delivered.  Most women who book a Transformation Glamour Shoot will often take several months for planning and the lead up to the photo shoot.

I meet with you at my home studio in Riverhills, Brisbane.

You will be able to see and touch and ask questions about all of the products available for you to purchase at your Ordering Session.

At your Discovery Session, we will talk about your ideas for the shoot, and ways to individualise your session.  I utilise a range of techniques during this Discovery Session that will assist you in becoming clear about how you want to be photographed.  These techniques are unlike anything you have most likely encountered during a consult with a Professional Photographer.  I incorporate my extensive background in previous work as a Psychologist, and utilise a range of art and symbolic techniques to help you speak your truth about how you want to be seen in your photos.  Most women who come to see me, have little to no idea of how they want to be photographed.  Usually they have seen photos that they loved on the website here, and are inspired to have something similar for themselves.  This is a great start, and helps me be able to visually understand in which direction you want to go with your shoot.  However, in order to truly reflect your unique personality, and to capture the person behind the facade that we usually display to the world, I will need to take you a little deeper in  your thinking and feelings in order to understand how to photograph you best.  This is a very simple process.  It is most definitely NOT a counselling session, as that is not the intention of this Design Consult.  But some of the questions I ask and the activities we will work through, will take you a lot closer to the ‘real you’ and how you yearn to be represented in an image.  This entire process enables me to get to know you more, and allows me to create the imagery that I do for my clients.

We will also talk about outfits, jewellery, props and what locations to use.

$350 BOOKING FEE is required to book your Transformation Glamour Photo Shoot, and to continue planning your session.

Once the Booking Fee is paid, I will organise a MakeUp Artist who will be available to attend the photo shoot.  You pay them directly on the day of the photo shoot, and their fee usually starts from $150.


This process is all about Challenging you to Embrace what you Desire to be.

CHALLENGE  I encourage you to push yourself out of your comfort zone….ask more of yourself… more present in the brainstorming of your photo shoot….visualising how you want to be seen by others!

EMBRACE  These sessions are all about embracing all parts of yourself and celebrating who are…….no longer hiding… longer limiting yourself for the benefit of others…..owning who you are with no apology and no hesitation!

DESIRE  I love motivating women to establish a ‘concept’ of how you wish to ‘see’ yourself……this concept doesn’t need to meet anybody’s expectations other than your own……you are the creator here, and you are only limited by your imagination….breathe into this process and let your heart take you where it wants to be.

The more time put into this part of the process, the more successful and individualised your Session will be.

The Photo Session

You come to me, not sure what to expect, but wanting me to Transform You in some way.

We hire a Professional Makeup Artist who pampers you and highlights your physical beauty.

You are impressed as you see yourself in the mirror, and start to get excited about your photos.

We start photographing, and you freeze in front of the camera.

I tell you that everyone goes through this at the beginning of their shoot.

I tell you that the first 30 minutes is a “Whatever Zone” and there is no pressure to create the ‘perfect’ image!

You start to relax in front of the camera as we have a few laughs, and joke around.

As each frame of the camera takes a shot, you start to relax more and start to ‘be yourself’.

You start to Transform in front of my eyes, Embracing the process.

You open your heart to Believing that you do look beautiful in front of the camera.

That shy, nervous woman starts to see what I saw all along…..

You asked for ‘transformation’. I gave you the freedom to just be you!

I created a space, that enabled you to Embrace how you Desire to be seen.

I reflected back to you your true inner beauty and sense of self.  Behind the facade that you show others!

I gave that beauty a visual context to shine through…to be seen!

Enjoy the video below which visually shows the Transformation Process for one of my clients!

Transform Me from Lumina Motion Pictures on Vimeo.

Ordering Products

At my home studio you will view a professional slideshow and your fully processed images.

Some photos will suit being displayed on the wall, with canvas or prints.

While other photos will be better suited as part of a collection in an album or keepsake box.

All products I display are Australian made and of the highest professional archival quality.

You have complete control over the final ordering of images.  There is no minimum spend.

If I am doing my job properly, then you will love many of the images presented to you.

What an awesome dilemma to have!

After final payment, production will take anywhere from 1 week to 8 weeks for completion.

We then blog the photos you have ordered, so you can share them with friends and family online!

To start your very own Transformation Portrait process, contact Louise Williams on 0402 283 219, or use our contact form.