Unpacking ideas and Reflecting Your Personality in Your Business

Diana came to me initially with the plan to update her website with some up-to-date Business Images that reflected her personality and communicated to her clients that she was approachable and professional.  Diana is a dear beautiful soul with so much passion and energy for her life, her business and her family.  It was such an honour to connect with her and to bear witness to her transformation in front of the camera.brisbane business portrait

Before we got to the day of the photo shoot, there was so much time and sharing and laughter and planning that took place both in the initial Discovery Session at my home studio as well as later on via emails and within the secret Facebook group that I set up for us to brainstorm within.  During the Discovery Session, I led her through an innovative and deeply intuitive method of uncovering the different layers to her personality and her business’ personality.  It was during this Discovery Session, that I witnessed Diana seeing with ‘new eyes’ the depth and strength of her business message and how she could break through the monotony of typical Business Portraits and create something with me that would reflect sincerity and authenticity.

We established that being outdoors, and utilising nature was the perfect way to ground Diana and bring her right into her element!  She flourished, she bloomed, she was bold, light, fun, energetic!  She was also 18 weeks pregnant at the time, and the brief was to hide the bump as much as possible, so that the focus was on her expressions and her surroundings.  The afternoon was filled with giggles and trying new things, grounding ourselves, being mindful, getting into the spirit of joy and freedom, and making use of the beautiful surroundings around us.  I think that we definitely achieved this! 🙂brisbane business portrait

Some of Diana’s words about her photo shoot:

Where was your shoot done? Jindalee Riverside Rock Park

What was the overall theme or style? Vintage/Girly/Funky

What outfits, shoes and jewellery/accessories did you wear? Any recommended suppliers? My life coaching client Kimberley Moir Designs made my outfit. Flower crown and Jewellery from Lovisa.brisbane business portrait

What was your initial reason for doing the shoot? Wanted to make my website more professional.

How did the shoot meet your expectations? Above and beyond my expectations. A lot of love went into the shoot and branding. It was good because Louise went to a lot of effort to unpack all of my ideas and turn it into something tangible.

What was a memorable moment from the shoot? Sitting down at the end with Louise on my picnic blanket and reflecting on the day.

Would you do a similar type of shoot like this again in the future with Emotive Images? Definitely as my business grows and changes.

What was it like being in front of the camera doing this type of shoot? For me I love photos so I was not shy in having my photos taken. Louise made the day fun and provided advice when necessary.

What do you think that you will say about these photos in 5 or 10 years time? I can’t believe there’s an 18 week baby bump in that picture!

What surprised you the most about this photo shoot? How Louise made my baby bump look minimal or non existent. Even though I love this baby dearly, I am not a mummy blogger so wanted the photos to truly reflect what my blogging and life coaching is all about.

What was your favourite photo out of the entire shoot?  The one on the top of my ‘About Me’ page. Louise caught me mid laugh which reflected my personality.brisbane business portrait

brisbane business portrait

brisbane business portrait brisbane business portrait

Diana’s Testimonial

When choosing a photographer to photograph photos that would suit my branding, I was drawn to Louise because of her Psychology background. When starting out in a new business, branding can often be a daunting task. I had so many ideas in my head but didn’t just want to leave it up to just someone who could photograph well, but someone who could capture the essence of what I do as a life coach over at “The Butterfly House.”  Louise was extremely thorough in the planning process. We had so much fun on the day and she even gave me a little gift, (a symbol of my branding and the emotions linked to the business), at the conclusion of our time together. This lady is so heart centred in what she creates! I can’t thank her enough for her beautiful images and her excellent customer service.brisbane business portrait

Some words from Diana about her business – The Butterfly House

Hi I’m Diana and I blog over at “The Butterfly House.” I’m an intuitive led mentor and coach, passionate teacher, spirit seeker and dream chaser.  As a soulful, fun loving creative I guide women with untapped dreams to unlock their hidden potential. It is my dream for all women to know that warm hug from heaven, where they feel loved and supported and ready to kick negativity and perfectionism to the curb. I love helping women get unstuck and unleash a life of value, worth and integrity. By creating a safe and warm haven for my clients and working with them to develop their gifts and talents, they soar in confidence and live their most authentic lives by being more self loving and self expressive. They deepen their relationship with themselves, others and the divine.brisbane business portrait