A Dynamic Real Estate Headshot

Claire is being noticed in Real Estate

I have known Claire for several years now.  I photographed her previously in her Beauty Business, from which she experienced a huge boost in her visual identity and branding online and in person.  People started to really notice her and what she was doing.  She even secured a magazine story about herself and her business, as well as the FRONT PAGE of the magazine!

Claire is the kind of woman who will succeed in no matter what she lays her hand at because she has a determination that is enviable.  She has now moved into the business of Real Estate and is ready to shake things up in that industry.  Her focus is all about celebrating the stories of her clients’ homes and their families.

We spend so much time nurturing and investing in our homes.  The walls of a house literally bear witness to the variety and depths of a family’s life and relationships.  Buying a house is an emotional experience.  Selling one is even more so.

Claire has such a beautiful heart, and I can see her walking her clients through such a supportive experience to home ownership.  In an industry where trust is so vital and you hear so many stories of people feeling hard done by or neglected by the very people who are meant to be advocates for their homes.  Claire brings such a breath of fresh air!

Through this Business Branding experience, Claire has created for herself business photos that are both corporate headshots, as well as brand story photographs that reflect her personality and what sets her apart from others in the industry.  I cannot wait to see Claire succeed in this new endeavour!


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“Louise is really different from other photographers. From the planning stage to the group we share, talking about ideas together and what the final outcome should be is really important. Would use Louise every time, love her work X” Claire


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I joined the real estate profession in early 2015 after a successful sales career in the beauty industry.

Just like beauty, the decision to buy or sell your home is deeply personal. I understand this and I strive to help you make the very best choices for you and your family.

My success in sales has always come from my dedication to customer service. I love having the opportunity to help people during an exciting but often stressful time in their lives.

Please contact me if I can be of service to you.

0466 895 208