A re-branding exercise

Meet Annie – Life Transitions Coach 

We wanted to create professional, yet unique photos as part of the re-branding exercise for Annie’s business – Love Your Journey Coaching.

Annie has such a beautiful personality and approach to life and relationships. Her work as a coach is focused around giving women the most support possible through major life transitions. We wanted the business photos to capture these two elements as well as be light and fun just like Annie.

The story…

Annie certainly knows all about transition, having gone quite a significant number throughout her lifetime. As a result she has developed the tools to help her and now to support other women going through their journey.

The balloons and the paper boat are metaphors for transition, transformation and the journey that we go through in life.

The result of the re-branding….

Annie has a beautiful blend of professional and relaxed headshots as well as brand story photographs. These can be used embrace Annie’s story  and passion to help others in any way that she chooses. Whether this is on her website, blogging or social media alongside motivational quotes.



brisbanebusiness2 brisbanebusiness3

“The photo session far exceeded my expectations. Louise is professional and dedicated, full of creative ideas and suggestions. I was guided through a structured process yet it felt very natural and organic at the same time.” Annie


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“This is my first time getting professional photos taken, but I felt like I was in very good hands. As someone who doesn’t generally like to have her photos taken, I had an amazing experience and actually enjoyed myself too! Thank you Louise for making that possible. 🙂 ” Annie


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